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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

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Against the Ban

I'd just like to start by saying that at the age of about 6, I was playing Metal Gear Solid and Tomb Raider, games which, at that time, I'm guessing weren't E-for-everyone rating. I've turned out completely fine. Why is this? Mostly because of my mum and her boyfriend's constant company while I was playing them and their insistence that they were just games, which is exactly what TED has brought up. It's mostly down to the parents.

Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
Visual art, such as the Mona Lisa or The Birth of Venus, represents a movement and has a meaning in culture. Video games do not have the ability to move you, they are simply candy for the eyes.
I can quite safely say that no piece of artwork has ever moved me. At most, it's left me completely confused at how it can be considered art when any average Joe could have done exactly the same thing. I went to the MoMA in New York once, and there was a canvas that was entirely black. That was it, a black canvas. How is that art?

But they still are being marketed towards the younger generations. Why do you think companies like Activision pay super-star athletes or A-List celebrities to appear in their commercials and advertisements for games? They do this because those people are who children look up to; when a child sees this person they look up to endorsing something they immediately want to get their grubby little hands on it, because it makes them that much more like their role model.
As has been said before, I think an appropriate argument for this is 'pics or it didn't happen'. With the WoW example, I hardly think you can compare elfs casting spells at ogres to gain gold coins to buy stuff (read: fantasy) with men having their way with women while swearing all the time and mugging people or whatever they do in those games (because, I admit, I'm not personally one who makes a habit of playing these games).

However, many parents that are purchasing these violent games for their children are not in-tune with the rating system and they do not clearly understand what they are purchasing for their children to play.
Quick question: if it's the parents that are actually the ones purchasing the games (because, to be honest, who lets a 10-year-old go to a game shop on their own with up to $50 on them?), then how will the implementation of the ban solve anything? The parents are over the age limit, so they can still buy the games for their kids.

That is not a game that I would want my child to play until they are of age to understand that that kind of behavior is disgusting and wrong. I wouldn't have to worry about my child getting his hands on the game if this ban were set into place, because there would be a ridiculously low chance of any of my child's friends obtaining the game.
The thing is, though, how can we judge what the age is where kids miraculously now understand "this is right and this is wrong"? This, again, leads this back to the parents, and how they should be the ones to judge whether they believe their child is mature enough to play such a game.

To end this post, I would like to point out that not banning violent games from teens and children is like not banning pornography from teens and children. They are very impressionable, they see something cool or interesting and want to try it out for themselves. Not to mention, games like Doom have been connected to shooting such as the Columbine Massacre. If we are not to protect and shield our children from these disastrous things what kind of being will they grow up to be?
If kids are as impressionable as you say, then why are there not kids trying to shove themselves down green pipes, running at high speeds and trying to break stuff by doing multiple flips in the air, or anything else from popular game franchises?

TL;DR - Blame the parents.
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