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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

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For the Ban

So, this is American-based again. But I can actually talk about this so okay.

So this is like my opinion of where I stand, not based on what anyone else has said.

I'm for the ban. Even though I'm only fifteen right now, and I'd be affected by this if I was in America, I speak from a perspective of someone who would be heavily affected by this ban. And while I don't agree with it from my entertainment perspective, as I'll lose some good games, I think that in the broader picture, it would be more beneficial.

I'm going to start off with the whole, "video games negatively affect people" thing. And I do believe it's true. I know that my community in my area would be completely different to the community in wherever the rest of you live, but the way I see it, video games are just as bad, if not worse, than movies and the media for giving young teenagers the wrong impression. The media give so much publicity to bad behaviour, and so much publicity to people who abuse drugs or alcohol. Not only that, but death and sexual offences almost make up the backbone of the media. I took a look at, to have a glance at the news, and what did I find? Drinking, dead body found after eight years, a Chinese escalator accident where a boy died, and around 30 were injured, a scandalous banner for charity which is being being deemed inappropriate for sex refences, and the Royal Fashion Show. I can list more. But four out of those five are throw light on negative things. That's the society we live in. The whole world isn't bad, but the media portrays it to be.

So how does this relate to video games? Most video games nowadays, especially the games in question, are excessively violent. There are very few games nowadays, from what I have seen, that offer good, clean fun for teenagers. A lot of games offer countless amounts of blood and gore, and terribly horrific ways to mutilate people, and that deems it an M rating, when a few years ago, Final Fantasy 12 (woo FF references) was deemed M because it contained some fantasy violence, where you slashed at dragons with swords and bows. There was no blood, no gore, no randomly ripping the dragon's head off. Just shooting it, and it falls down dying. And perhaps that was appropriate when when FF12 was released back in '06. But teenagers have started becoming more and more violent, because of the negative media, and video games have adapted to suit their more violent audience. Games like Call of Duty, Bioshock, and Red Dead Redeption, which are very mainstream around my area right now, all contain ridiculoous violence. Red Dead Redeption, for example. is almost constant 3rd person shooting, references to alcohol and drugs, overly excessive swearing, and almost deem it okay to shoot that random stranger on the road. Heck, you can shoot animals and skin them. And when you skin them, blood splashes all over your screen, and you can see a de-skinned carcass of a horse. It's horrific.

Now, I absolutely love these games, and that, I believe, is where the problem lies. I know how incredibly addictive this overly violent games are, and because I play these games so much, I don't see things like death as a big problem, or overly important, when I should. Death isn't something that should be taken lightly, but I, and my friends as well, all do it instinctively. Honestly, at times, we're just like the next group of idiotic morons, and we have done stupid things like jumping off rooves, just because we can. We all know better than that, and sometimes we can stop ourselves, but sometimes we just ignore that, because sub-consciously, we think we can get away with it, because in a lot of games, you can jump off a cliff without any repercussions, and it takes one of us to break their leg before we realise we shouldn't do it, and god knows we aren't the only ones.

Yes, there are kids who are already messed up, but a majority of people aren't, and do things because they don't know any better. Not everyone are as intelligent as you lot, and can, and will, do things because they saw it on a game, and won't know any better, and then they could seriously injure themselves, someone else, or completely ruin their life.

This is what our society is becoming, and this more violent change is being lead on by both video games, and the media's negative light on life. Banning, or atleast restricting or sensoring, some of the more overly violent games, I believe, are the way to go. Yes, I won't be happy about this change, and yes, my friends won't be happy about this change, but small steps need to be taken, to make this society less violent, lest your chiildren, or even our children, when we get there, become even worse. Which, if we keep going the way we are, god knows they will. Banning overly violent video games won't automatically make things better, but it's a start, and all things to start somewhere.

Also, quoting because I think it's right and somewhat supports my point a little bit .
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If we are not to protect and shield our children from these disastrous things what kind of being will they grow up to be?

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