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Default PE2K shop?

Hiya. My names Patricio. I used to be really active on this forum around this time last year and it's great. I've been to a few forums however and noticed something. Well, some of the forums had the same layout, I mean who could blame them, and they had an extra cool feature which I thought might spark an idea or two here, what with the new changes.

They had a system of "credits" or forum currency. These credits were obtained by posting. They were solely used in the shop and the shop had a few trinkets and whatnot. Some of the choices were username changes, increased pm box, username color change, userbar addition.

I don't know the exact science of how the credits were calculated with posts but it balanced out well. I thought this might seem as a nice idea and it could promote more activity.

So yeah. If you wouldn't mind giving some thoughts on the idea for the site, that'd be cool.

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