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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
OOC: It's ok if he controls my character, I'm not around that much anymore. Let's just say that his Riachu took my pokeballs, I ran to the Poke Center, and got my other two out.


"Dust, grab my balls and Kieran's balls, now!" A Flygon swooped in, grabbing all 8 balls, and giving Kieran back his. The Riachu's tried to shock Dust, but it didn't affect him. Dust just shook the electricity off. "You all right Kieran?" CM walked up to him. "Oh yeah, this is Dust, my Flygon." Dust said a quick "hi" and flew out of the way of the Hyper Beams. Dust flew up a bit and did a Sandstorm a ttack, followed by several Mud-Slaps, followed by Rock Throw. It did enough damage to knock them out a bit. "Hurry! Now's your chance!" Both Kieran and LT Surge pulled out their balls and returned their Riachus in their balls.

"Dust return!" CM said, holding out a pokeball. Dust turned red and went inside the ball. "You two all right? I saw you both overhead and saw you both get hit by the Hyper Beams, thus leaving those big cuts over your arm." CM said.
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