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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

Originally Posted by my-little-starr View Post
Yuri raised her nose in the air and sniffed again. The smell of the pokemon and water she had smelled earlier was closer.

"Almost there...." she sighed. She had been walked for quite some time and had yet to reach the river and those who were possibly hurt.

Just when she was about to give up she heard the sound of running water and near-by voices. She began hopping up the slope and emerged in a small clearing. After looking around her gaze landed on some pokemon.

Two Furret, one of which looked really hurt, a Pikachu, a Mightyena, and not far off there was a Scyther who looked injured and afraid.

"Um... Hello there. My name is Yuri. Nice to meet you." she greeted with a smile.
A Politoed awakens from a fight, to find she was all alone...
she was afraid...
so she started to whimper...
in the distance she saw a small pokemon,
with worried eyes she followed in close pursuit...
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