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Default Reffing Proposal

Hi. I'll make this short n sweet because there's not much to say. With the abundance of new referees, I've come to the understanding that not all of them may be quite ready to ref more advance battles, such as the double battles rule of this week's WAR. To draw from a few examples, in one battle, a simple 3 or 4 turns took up to 20 minutes to complete. In another battle, the referee made several mistakes regarding the double battle style (including forgetting to reduce damage to multiple targets, and general anxiety because of the complication).

You may be thinking "Oh well maybe the battlers took too long to send, or maybe the moves were very complicated." To refute these possible claims, no, the moves were straight and simple, and the battlers did not take more than a minute or two to send each time. The problem lied with the referees and their lack of experience. In a way, these sort of situations were similar to new referees attempting to ref their first FFA: Slow, full of mistakes, and most of the battlers agitated in the end. And this brings me to the proposal:

Similar to how new refs are required to wait a month before reffing free for alls, I propose that we pick up the activity of our lovely ref testers and have them test the refs (some time after they've completed the initial test) so that they may be qualified for reffing double battles and FFAs. Also, with the addition of triple battles, and rotational battles soon around the corner, I believe a new test would fit well to prevent inadequate reffing being completed for said battle types.

I'm prepared to defend this proposal, so please, discuss.

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