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Default Re: [WAR X] Voice Acting Event! - Be Heard

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Heh, enthusiasm much, Xanthe? ^^

Yes, you do have to say all of the original slogan. The point is so I can hear everyone say the same lines.
As long as it fits into the slogan (think what they do when extending the lines in the show "Prepare for trouble! That's what you should do!") you can add the new parts in wherever you like.
Yes, you should say the whole thing as part of the slogan.
I'd like at least another verse worth added to it, though too much more wouldn't exactly be a motto. And no, you cannot subtract.

As long as there is not a lot of dialogue. Just remember, you're not writing a whole new story, simply telling one from a different perspective. If there happens to be dialogue in the story, know that your character has to say the line as they heard it, NOT as another character. Like: So there I was, minding my own business, when this guy comes running around the corner and slams into me. Then he yells at me "Watch where you're going!" like it's my fault.
I would much rather you use an outside story rather than one you know so well you wrote it. XD

Does that help?
Okay. I don't think I'll add anything anyway. XD I thought about this before I was going to sleep, ahaha.

Oh, right, so I have to be a character on the outside looking in and telling the story? :D And by saying you'd rather me use an outside story, does that mean I would lose points or something if I did a monologue that related to, say, Scy's story? o:

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
I am too scared to apply... DX
As if! You'd be my competition. XD Are you part of a WAR team? o:

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.
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