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Default Re: Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by murgle-flag View Post
Do we get money if we win a contest? (When they're up). Because it says you win a ribbon but nothing about money...
Ask Nathan, lol.
Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post
I'm now confused. I'm seeing refs get paid at the end of a battle, $5 for every round reffed, and then getting paid once a week in the HQ. How exactly does that work?
Let's say a Senior Ref Reffs a three-round Battle in one week. Once the battle is over and the participants are paid, the Ref will receive $15 ($5 per Round * 3 Rounds). Then, since he's a Sr. Ref, he'll receive $10+$5+$5, which is $20. So, for Reffing that battle, he'll ultimately receive $35. Get it? :)
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