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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
Visual art, such as the Mona Lisa or The Birth of Venus, represents a movement and has a meaning in culture. Video games do not have the ability to move you, they are simply candy for the eyes.
I was planning on staying out of this argument, I really was. But this forced me to jump in.

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You've obviously been stuck playing Mario all of your life or something, because saying that video games do not have the ability to move you is like saying Pokemon, as a strategy game, does not have the ability to make you smarter. Have you never played the Final Fantasy series? Final Fantasy 10 made me cry, and it wasn't only me. My family and everyone else I know cried as well, at the end. It was the most moving game I've ever played. And what about Final Fantasy 7, one of the holders for Game Informer's "most shocking video game moment in history" award? A lot of people cried over that, though I won't spoil it for anybody.

For me, the Mona Lisa just represents beauty and creeper eyes that follow you, so I'm sorry if I don't share your opinion on that.

I understand not wanting your kids to buy M-rated material and stuff, and certain games are just going over the edge. But some games hardly even deserve to be rated M, and just have a little bit of blood and gore, or just a kissing scene, or something of the like. Some people take these games way too seriously. And on the Doom leading to a shooting matter, as alaska and EvilDookie said, would have to mean that there was something wrong with the kids before.

Even the best people were exposed to violence and sex and everything else that occurs in M-rated games, but that doesn't make them bad and automatically corrupts them. It's something we really can't prevent.

Putting a ban on them would just make trouble in gaming stores a lot more of a problem. Because teens will be missing those games. We don't like the games for the worse parts of them, most of the time. We enjoy them because they're fun. Call of Duty: Black Ops is rated M for mature just because we're going around shooting people. Do you know how many people would rage if they couldn't play CoD anymore just because of a stupid ban? A lot. xD
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