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Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post
Yay for Texas droughts! xD Where I recently moved (near Austin area) no fireworks can be fired off, but I assume (like back in Christmas) they'll set some fireworks further away, so we might be able to see them.

Apparent in south Texas, according to my friend, they're setting fireworks, which is weird because it's a bunch of crops and cattle.
I think Galveston was the only city that fired them this year. Houston might have, but I'd have to check with Mario on that. xD
I was so glad that fireworks were banned in my city though. People in my neighborhood go INSANE with the fireworks when there's an event that calls for them. Back on New Years, people were still popping them a month later.

Austin area? :o I'll be a couple of hours away in San Antonio in the last week of July. xD


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