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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

Octopus Babies
For the Ban

Let me begin by saying that video games are not art, they are a means of entertainment. It is completely possible for entertainment and art to combine, to be one thing. Video games, though, are the former. They may carry a message, but they are no where close to being as meaningful or moving as a message portrayed in the images of a film or the pages of a book. Visual art, such as the Mona Lisa or The Birth of Venus, represents a movement and has a meaning in culture. Video games do not have the ability to move you, they are simply candy for the eyes.

Originally Posted by TheEvilDookie
But as I said earlier, the electronic retail stores to a good job already of making sure not to sell these games to children who are under the age requirement.
There is no regulated law that makes the stores check the age of a child, simply a store's policy. Stores clerks, who may work on commission, could just as easily pretend they think a child is of age to buy an M-Rated video game just so they can have a larger slice of pie at the end of the week. A ban to the sell of minors would make this clerk think twice about checking the age of the consumer as there would be considerable consequences he would need to face for his actions.

There is no moral when it comes to doing business; they are looking to make the biggest profit possible.

Originally Posted by alaska
[ It is my belief, that the reason we currently have such an issue with people wanting to ban violent video games, is they assume that they are still marketed to kids who are still in grade school (Ages 5-11 for non US readers).
But they still are being marketed towards the younger generations. Why do you think companies like Activision pay super-star athletes or A-List celebrities to appear in their commercials and advertisements for games? They do this because those people are who children look up to; when a child sees this person they look up to endorsing something they immediately want to get their grubby little hands on it, because it makes them that much more like their role model.

Originally Posted by alaska
I think that what needs to happen, is a separation by video games that are more intense and for older players (like the aforementioned games) and games with simpler game play, that have less of a story, but are more suitable for small children (Pokemon, Super Mario, Little Big Planet).
This is already done with the ESRB rating system. Games like Pokemon and Mario are given an E-for-Everyone rating while the more gore and inappropriate games are given an M-for-Mature rating. However, many parents that are purchasing these violent games for their children are not in-tune with the rating system and they do not clearly understand what they are purchasing for their children to play.

Originally Posted by alaska
Those are all screen shots of the new GTA game. Can you see how realistic that is? I consider it to be art, and I just don't think that anyone needs to be deprived of art.
Those photographs are stills taken from the game; sure they are beautiful and I would consider them art, but they are not the game. A Grand Theft Auto game is a game in which the player kills innocent citizens and has the ability to degrade women. That is not a game that I would want my child to play until they are of age to understand that that kind of behavior is disgusting and wrong. I wouldn't have to worry about my child getting his hands on the game if this ban were set into place, because there would be a ridiculously low chance of any of my child's friends obtaining the game.

To end this post, I would like to point out that not banning violent games from teens and children is like not banning pornography from teens and children. They are very impressionable, they see something cool or interesting and want to try it out for themselves. Not to mention, games like Doom have been connected to shooting such as the Columbine Massacre. If we are not to protect and shield our children from these disastrous things what kind of being will they grow up to be?

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