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Default Re: 4th of July

Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
Fireworks are banned down here. Yaaaaay Texas droughts.

Well, Galveston County (where I live, but I live in a city full of trees) isn't banned but just about everywhere else is.
Yay for Texas droughts! xD Where I recently moved (near Austin area) no fireworks can be fired off, but I assume (like back in Christmas) they'll set some fireworks further away, so we might be able to see them.

Apparent in south Texas, according to my friend, they're setting fireworks, which is weird because it's a bunch of crops and cattle.

Well, we don't celebrate the 4th of July because we're Mexican; we just set off fireworks when we're allowed. However, I still give thanks to the fact that the US gained its independence on this day. Even though I was only born here and have no family roots, I'll be selfish and foolish to dismiss the fact that being an American citizen has given me more opportunities that I could have hoped for.

Oh yes, as to what I'm actually doing, nothing, really. My parents out of town to finish bringing out belongings to our new house. My brother and I have been alone since yesterday morning, taking care of our shipload of pets and hijacking internet.

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