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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Caoimhe & Grace
Pokemon Elemental
Endla Forest (Outskirts of Parasanti)
Affected RPers: White Wolf, Moonkit, Altrius

For a brief moment, the dragon struggled free from its master's grip and lunged towards some of the mages. They leapt back in alarm, some raising crude weapons in defense. The stranger soon regained control over the beast, but Caoimhe's little group watched it warily. With such an apparent distaste for magicians, the creature could prove dangerous. And these twins might prove to be enemies.

"I'm Kozanar, and that's Tsuki," its master spoke up, giving out their names surprisingly freely. "And why we're here is something personal, that we don't exactly want to bore you with. Besides. I could ask the same for you. From what you left of those knights, it doesn't seem you're on a flower-picking trip or anything."

Caoimhe stared at the young man, trying to see beyond the indifferent mask he wore. She could sense the hate in him, however. These four were mage-haters, and if Caoimhe didn't know if she could trust them enough to let them go their way. They could turn them over to the Knights of the Red Circle, or perhaps betray them in some other way. She didn't want conflict, but she had no other choice.

Narrowing her eyes, she calmly replied, "No, we're not. But you've placed us in a predicament--now that you have seen us, we can't simply let you walk away."

The mages encircling the intruders clutched at their weapons, stepping closer and keeping thier eyes keenly focused. They would do what they could to preserve their secrecy as well. If that meant a battle, then battle they would. All they waited for was a command from Caoimhe.

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