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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Miles Beneath Saffron
Affected RPers: N/A

The Porygon and the mysterious, loud bell (Vyraz assumed it was a kind of bell at this point) were both still affecting his ability to hear and think, and the constant slamming of the Porygon's attacks at the door not only made their rage, but also their cries more and more apparent. Fortunately for Vyraz and his cohorts, the bell's tone had at last been silenced, for whatever reason.

"Defrosting SHEIHhvaihbe and 7-B is Complete. Bio-scanning commencing..." The mysterious female voice said, briefly going to unstable language before reverting back to clear English.

"...Subject 7-B has been confirmed dead. Failure in Vneievsneis systems WHvylewbhavx accident." The voice said. "Subject 7-A, hoshvengghai alive. open-shgeovehnadn pod..." The voice said, which was starting to sound less human when the Porygon tried another combined attack on the door.

Suddenly, the sound of something...doing...something was heard from nearby. Vyraz couldn't help but leave the minimal safety of the glowing box room to check.

One of the pods was open completely, and inside, having just gotten out...Was someone. Someone.

This person wore clothing unlike any he had ever laid eyes upon. This person had an odd hat, somehow carefully dyed to show a 'pattern' of a cyclone, with indigo and silver streaks having no correlation to the pattern whatsoever. The hair that was visible. was in rather thick spikes which reminded him of the rare Pokmeon Togekiss, though this hair was highly greasy and otherwise looked brown. The shirt, too, was unlike anything he ever saw-it was composed of a black fabric of which was completely foreign to him, as well as the fabric which composed of the pants: a blue fabric that seemed to say 'rugged.' However, these pants were shorter than usual, barely covering the knees, leaving quite a bit of bare leg. The shirt itself didn’t have sleeves at all, showing the complete arm, save for some of the shoulder. The shoes, too, were of an unknown designer, and indeed looked completely alien to all the world. He couldn't get a better look, however, because he wasn't tête-à-tête.

The unknown person looked around, but not up at Vyraz. The Porygon had stopped for a moment, so he didn't notice anything immediately suspicious. He started stretching for a bit, moving his arms around. turning his back to Vyraz, he saw that this person had a sheath and a blade in it.

The person sighed. He then suddenly decided to look directly at where Vyraz was.

The mysterious person couldn't have been a full man yet, he looked only fifteen, with what was barely a moustache and beard on his face, and multiple blemishes. However, those eyes, though widened in surprise for a brief moment, seemed to command respect. Around his neck were three metal strips, small and smooth-edged, with text engraved into them. Vyraz couldn’t read them from where he stood.

"...Oh, hello." He said. Vyraz rejoiced inwardly. Thank goodness he spoke English!

"Ah, hello, my good man! My name is Vyraz Inxi...Err, now is truly not the time to talk, there were these things called 'Porygon' outside that are trying to kill us, and that door's not going to hold much longer." Vyraz said, pointing at the door.

"…I suppose we should get going...” Vyraz’s new ally said, almost bored of the life-and-death situation that was going on...As though he was used to this kind of thing.

Without any question as to which way they should be going, the young man immediately climbed the ladder back up, and ran into the bright box room, not even glancing at Barnibus and the others before opening a previously-unseen door-Or, more accurately, yanking it loose with force that even he was surprised at. He was also angry at it too.

"Gah! Dang rusty hinges! There goes locking it!" He said, rushing inside the new room behind the door. Vyraz followed without question. However, he barely got inside before the other person stopped.

"What is it?" Vyraz asked innocently.

"...They stopped attacking the door...This building is Silph Company’s tech section..........The other way! NOW!" He roared, pushing Vyraz in the other direction, immediately running back into the box room, barely seeing Vyraz's friends, and immediately took to the canister room, jumping down towards the bottom floor, and immediately started yanking on a lever near the door.

"What in the Lifemaker's name are you doing?! You'll let them in and kill us all!" Vyraz yelled.

"They've got more than one entrance into this stupid room! They've ditched this door and they're trying another route!" He yelled, while succeeding in ruthlessly pushing the metal lever, raising the door, currently Porygon-free. His gambit was right on the money. "Come on! Go!" He barked. Quite the commanding figure, for the youngest of the lot...Vyraz listened nevertheless, as he seemed to know far more than any of them ever did about this place. Vyraz made like his life depended on it-because it did.

They were running, dashing, sprinting, flying even, just to get as far away from the Pokemon as possible. Turning his head, he saw that his newest ally was right; The Porygon came from inside the room they were just in, meaning they would have been killed to be standing right there However, it wasn't long until they found another building, almost as tall as the one nearby the canister room they just left.

"In, in, in! Go, go, go!" He barked, still acting in charge. Vyraz followed common sense and his survival instinct more than his advice.

The room they were in looked like the entrance to his former home on Mancia, only more ancient and high-tech. There was a kind of desk, surrounded by a large fence of plastic, and behind a wall that completed this fence was some print: 'Galactic Tech: The Universe is our limit!'

I can't believe this place still has electricity. Not even a little." Vyraz's new ally said, sealing the door behind him, and pressing a few things on a keypad nearby. The door was suddenly enveloped in a blue aurora of sorts. Vyraz was quite curious as to what it did. "That won't hold forever! We need to get to the upper levels!" His new ally called, rushing up some stairs.

Vyraz was starting to get irritated as to how much he yelled out commands, but what was the point? He knew more, and it kept them alive. He followed.

"What's your name?" Vyraz asked, while running up the stairs.

"Leonard Avalon Zyxino! Call me Avalon!" Avalon barked, while running upwards too. The name pricked at Vyraz's mind. It sounded familiar...He'd think about that later, though. With his life hanging in the balance of getting out of this place, the meaning behind this person's name could wait.


They had climbed pretty high, when Avalon said to stop.

"...F-f-finally...Is it safe?" Jamal asked, far more ticked off that Avalon was suddenly the captain than Vyraz was.

"No. It won't be completely safe until we move outside the city...Or find the Control room for those things. However, this point is safer than any other in the building." Avalon said, while looking at a glowing section of the wall. "...Yes, it's just above us." He added.

"What's a control room? And what's above us?" Vyraz asked.

"The Porygon are controlled by a computer. This computer tells them what to attack, when to attack, and where stuff is. We can remove ourselves from their targeting ledger if we reach it. The only dangerous part about this is that Porygon can travel through computers-they could pop up on us while we're up here. This part's safest because there's no computers..." Avalon said.

"...What's a computer?" Monroe asked.

Avalon simply sighed in response. Then, suddenly remembering something, he ran out of sight, Vyraz following helplessly.

Behind the wall they were resting at was a set of stairs and a door, Avalon opening the latter. Vyraz noticed text on it. He looked at it.

"Emergency Supply Cache. Keep Unlocked at all times." It read.

"Bah! The only thing that's not rusted over is this!" Avalon said, holding something up. Vyraz cast the Efron lantern over it. It looked like a Crossbow, minus the lack of strings, and and instead, it had some cylinder-shaped objects, presumably the ammunition. Vyraz scratched his head.

"What is it?" He asked.

"A flare gun. It's not even an actual weapon! Bah! I hate rust!" Avalon said, still angry at the coat of oxidized metal that casted over other tools. He put a kind of cap over it, hiding the firing mechanisms.

Avalon and Vyraz looked around the room, searching for anything else that might help. Avalon ignored the rusted tools, and threw some of the less rusty ones away upon examination, but Vyraz picked them up quite quickly, eager to bring back something to prove they went there. Vyraz then noticed something. A rack that had a lot of orbs. These wierd spheres were mostly rusted over, but one wasn't too badly rusted. Avalon noticed the rack and the one Ball that Vyraz saw that wasn't extremely rusty. It was this one that Avalon tried to throw at the ground.

The ball popped up, emitted light, and Vyraz watched, startled, as the light took form...The form being that of a Pokemon he knew as a Kricketune, a Pokemon that made beautiful Music to hear.

"What the..." Vyraz said, too shocked to make a noise. The Kricketune made a few melodious sounds, while Avalon patted his head.

"Alright then, With that done, I suppose we should be getting upstairs." He said, throwing the ball back at the Krickitune, and watching as the light once again came out, enveloped the Pokemon, and this time left no trace other than the ball itself. Avalon returned the ball to his pocket, as Vyraz watched, stunned. Avalon took the Flare gun, as well as a canister of some content that Vyraz had no clue about.

"You. This stuff is gasoline, and I'm suprised that it's still there. It burns easily, so don't let it get hit with an attack or you'll burn to oblivion. If I say to throw it, throw it at the Porygon. I'll do the honors of blowing it up, if it comes to that." Avalon said. "However, I just wan't this building destroyed, so if we don't need to use it, pour it out on the control room once we've been removed from their targeting ledger. I'll light it up, and we'll watch the stuff burn. We're nearing the control room and the top of this place, just hang in there." He added.

Vyraz started to sweat. It sounded like Liquid Ichor, minus the magical properties it had. He'd die if the canister got hit, and he'd be pouring it's contents out on the control room once they were done with it-destroying history! Then again, he got to dispel of it the best way possible-taking down those blasted Porygon!

(Ooc: I almost forgot that the pre-fall Saffron didn't have Ichor yet.)
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