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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Crystal Momoyia, I must say that you have challenged me. I have hiatus'd in the past and I extremely regret it, as it cost me valuable experience and time which I could have spent reffing. I'll try to be more active and ref more battles, but that's the best I can do. We need more referees and we need the ones we have to be more active. Them's the facts.

I also must say that it annoys me that (no names) we have roughly three/four refs, myself included, who are active as refs at all - though the fourth/fifth should be back tomorrow or so, if I remember correctly - and one of them is still wrestling the maths. I am, honestly, fed up with my Safari Zone always being the last to get reffed even though I'm updating others'. Crystal, you're right; however as I said all we can do is our best.

Maybe you could help by becoming a ref, too? No offense, but you can't really understand us refs if you don't know what we do. :/

(And Jen, when you said AWOL mod, I literally pictured the mod riding a Beartic wildly into the sunset with a rifle. XD)
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