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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post
I'm noticing some problems with the ASBL. I don't want to seem rude, but in my personal opinion if some things don't change members will be quitting. I understand that you cannot plan around real life and that not everyone can be as active as others, but some things still need improvement.

First I'd have to say is the backup in the Signature and Tutor Move, sometimes in the Registration, Dragon's Den, and the PE2KASBL Bank threads. We only have five people who can accept and update those threads, and recently I haven't seem them that active. Now, I understand that Paperfairy is having internet problems, but others I'm a little concerned about. One has even disappeared and no one has heard from him. I think we need more active and reliable officials to post in those threads so they aren't that backed up as they are now.

Another problem I see is in the Battle and Safari Zone boards, mainly the Safari Zone. I understand how long it can take for a referee to ref a battle, but I also know that it sometimes doesn't take any time at all. It seems like that the big deal is is that the refs don't want to write the battle scene, so they don't ref battles. Same for the Safari Zone. I see a lot of scenarios typed up and posted, but what about the battle that takes place before the capture? Some of the Safari Zones haven't been updated in weeks, and us active users are getting extremely irritated with the wait. Especially when unlike in a battle, you only ref one move. It's just ridiculous, especially when it states that, "You can stay in the Safari Zone for up to two weeks. This is to ensure that you're in, you have fun, you're out with no hassle.". It's becoming a major hassle when it takes months to finish (when it should only take a max of two weeks) and weeks to get an attack reffed. This makes the Safari Zone no fun at all.

Now, I'm sure other users who are looking to join see these problems, and are turned off by the lack of activity it seems to have. When in reality, the users are active. It is just the officials and mods who aren't posting as much as one would think. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. Like I said before, I know real life can come and bite you in the butt with something you didn't expect or plan to happen, but I really think we need more than three mods and two officials to run this. That goes back to the current mods and officials looking like they aren't active in the ASBL. In a way, or as I once saw it, the officials were on but weren't posting in the ASB when things are backed up, so it appears that they really don't care about certain parts of it that appeal to the users. I'm not saying that you don't because I can only imagine the work put into this to get it back up and running. However, it doesn't seem like that work was worth it at this time with the problems that are still active.
Oh God, this post made me sob. ; ___________ ; It breaks my heart to know that people are starting to dislike something because of things that I'm doing (or in this case, not doing). From the bottom of my heart, I really am sorry.

I can't do anything about the Sig. Move and Dragon Dens' speed, since I try to check that daily (which reminds me, I'll check them once I finish writing this post). Imo, the Bank doesn't need to be updated all too much, since you can just look back to your last post to see what your current balance is, though I try to update it every page or so to prevent too much back-log. As for the Reg. HQ, I feel that it gets updated at a good pace, considering that I'm pretty much the only one Approving things there and that I, too, have a life afk.

I understand what you mean here, and I'll be trying to do many updates there in the next few days, seeing as how I'm planned to have a lot of free-time for the rest of the week. I know I've been saying, or at least thinking, that many times recently, but I mean it this time! I think I'm just a bit ASB'd-out, tbh, and I can't focus on anything, anymore. :/ Also, That rule has pretty much been revoked. xD I'll edit it out l8r~

It's not that we need more Officials (we have more than the URPG and they're much larger than us, though I feel that they're not as organized. But that's a completely different topic. xD), we just need them to be more active, myself included. The Officials have already been talking about the AWOL Moderator and we're currently going over ideas on what to do with the situations. I've be trying to get more stuff up and think up ideas for events and the like to keep up activity. Please, I just ask that you be patient and bear with us during this time and try not to put too much pressure on our shoulders. We're already trying to run a whole sub-forum, and, honestly, the ASB is effecting my irl stress level and depression. :I My doc told me to cut all the stress from my life that I can or I'll end up having to take meds. So trying to follow orders while keeping a little community running is very difficult, especially when they clash and go against each other. So yeah, I'll be trying my hardest to become active ASAP and keep it up. I'm sorry for all the issues and problems and stuff. DD;

And y'all thought I was kidding when I said I was the head of the ASB because I was the most sensitive... :'(
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