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Default [WAR X] Voice Acting Event! - Be Heard

Important to Remember
As always, you must follow all pe2k rules as well as the rules of all outside sites used to post your work.
No excessive cursing. It is not necessary.
No comments against other members. It is totally not necessary.
Make sure you have joined an official WAR team before entering.
Most importantly, have fun and let us hear your voice!

The Basic Idea

Welcome to the Voice Acting Event! I'm Kris and I'll be your host and judge. This event will be broken into two parts over two judging periods (that’s two weeks for those out of the loop). You will have a creative interpretation and a monologue. This will give me two references for your acting. Record your masterpiece, upload it to the site of your choice, and post here to be heard. For those new to Voice Acting, see here for links to helpful sites and programs.

The Judging
Each entry will be judged based on the four “C”s.

Character- What is the role you are speaking for (i.e.: a senior, a child, a pirate, a casual observer) and do you portray that role accurately?
Commitment- Do you maintain the same character throughout the piece? Are you expressive with your character?
Clarity- Quality varies between mics, this simply refers to how you speak. Unless there is a part where the character is supposed to be mumbling, your words should be audible and clear.
In the case of creative interpretation: did you really take that slogan and own it?
In the case of the monologue: does the story really stand out as imaginative and original?

The Event

Due the first week (July 4-8): Creative Interpretation!
I want you to have fun with this. The Team Rocket slogan needs some new spice, a little more pep! Or if the mood moves you, drop it down to duller than a fencepost. Say it with an impersonation. Put music in the background. Your mission is let me hear the Team Rocket slogan proudly stated, sung, or rapped however it moves your heart! But, there’s one more objective to this mission. Random surveys among victims of TR say they are tired of hearing the same old lines. Really think about Team Rocket and add some new lines to shake things up a bit.

Just so everyone’s sure...
Prepare for trouble!
Make it double!
To protect the world from devastation.
To unite all peoples within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.
Jesse! James! (names are optional)
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Due the second week (July 11-15): Original Monologue
Here is the hard part. You will be creating a 3-5 minute monologue here. Take a story, any story and turn it into your own monologue or a narrative of events. You can use a fairy tale, classic story, or even a story from here on Pe2k. Take on the role of the hero, give the villain’s point of view, speak up as an observer who just happened to be there when it all happened....or heck! become the William Wallace of Weaviles. Tell the story as you see it.
3 minute minimum.
If you use a Pe2k story, you must have permission from the author first.
You should not be the original author.
You must post a link to the original story with your entry. Sorry, no plagiarizing here.
This is a monologue, so no pairing up. Sorry.
Though it will not affect your score, major props to those who can put the Pokemon twist on their chosen story.

The Entry

Original story: (for monologue only)
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^

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