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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Gurren- Mary Advent
Fort Aer
Affected: Lusankya

Mary walked away from her Gurren body which was docked at one of the ports. Lucario had decided to stay behind since she didn't like to venture out much when humans were close by. She may have been here before in her smaller mechanical body but it still brings her joy to be able to walk the streets with all the humans.

They were all such wondrous people and all of them made Mary glee deep inside. She didn't act fanatical on the outside but on the inside she was bursting with glee. Mary didn't have many memories of her time as a human left but being in this mechanical body really help make her feel a bit more human.

Mary walked the traders' market looking at what they had to offer. She saw some interesting mechanical do-hickies and such but wasn't sure if she wanted to get any. One merchant claimed that the device he had would be able to produce a magical shielding to prevent blunt attacks. Mary had heard of this but wasn't too keen on the idea. She kept walking on until she stopped at another stand.

"Hmm...." said Mary as she looked at the small devices and such. Some of them couldn't even be called devices since they looked as if they were smaller things that were broken off of something bigger.

“Looking for something in particular?” asked the old man who ran the stand. She was looking at Mary with a wide eye trying to figure out what was wrong with Mary. The robot girl was use to this kind of action. That was the reason why Mary tried to cover herself as much as she could.

“Nothing in particular,” said Mary as she gave the man a smile. She then paused and places her hand on top of a strange device. It looked similar to device that the man from the other stand had but incomplete.

“Oh! You missie have a good eye,” said the man as he looked at Mary. He picked up the device and said, “This is supposed to be a shielding device. It suppose to run off a generator and blocks attacks like punches!”

“Isn’t that the same thing that man over there is selling?” asked Mary after a few moments of thinking and recalling. She looked at the device and said, “What the difference?”

“The difference is that I am not a con man!” said the old fellow as he pointed to the man in reference. “That man claims he has a complete working model but actually it just metal wielded together to look like something. To tell the truth, this isn’t complete but I need to feed myself.”

“Really?” asked Mary as she went in to get a closer look. Her mind was racing and looking at the device and notice that a few parts were missing but just as the old man said, it was incomplete.

“Still if you want to take it off my hands then I’ll be glad to tell you have to finish it,” said the old man proudly. He then opened his mouth and said, “You will need to-“

“To find a sprocket to complete the line and….” said Mary as she began to go though her thoughts but was soon stopped as the man raised his hand.

“Yes yes! I see we have a missie that knows her joints,” said the old man as he smiled. “Still those things are hard to find.”

“True….,” said Mary as her mind was excited to see such a device completed.

“Okay missie,” said the old man as he looked at Mary’s face trying to read it. Still it was pretty hard to read the face of a robot at times. “I give you a hint on finding the parts. I mean I would tell you have to do it but I guess you are the type that likes to figure things out on your own.”

Mary nodded. The old man smiled back and continue, “Just head up north of here and you hit Saffron. You know that old city? Well surely you can find mountains of stuff and parts there. That city is an ancient city and treasure hunters are there all the time digging up all kinds of things. Still if you keep at it, you find somebody with the things you need.”

“Hmm….I think about that,” said Mary as she reached into her robe and paid for the device.

The man nods and said, “Well if you go then make sure to avoid con men. Good luck getting there without a ship!”

Mary nods and walks away. She carried the incomplete device in her bag and figure that maybe a trip to Saffron would be interesting. She had been working on her original body for a while and it could make the trip to and back with ease. Still she would have to tell somebody from the Armada. It never good to just disappear especially for Mary since she tends to seclude herself. The best person to tell and maybe even ask is Sovereign since that ship is the only one who would be considered something of a leader within the Armada. Mary at once began to draft out her message:
Hello Sovereign,

This is Gurren speaking, I just want to let you know that I wish to go to Saffron in order to search out parts for a device. Saffron seems to be the best lead to find such material for this device due to all the excess items being found on the site. I be searching the city using my extended body and traveling using my primary body. I hope this doesn’t pose a problem for anything you have planned and wanted to let you know.

Mary looked over the message and tried to look over the message. She was connected to the Gurren’s communication system. Once she was done, Mary had sent it. She then continue to walk around the city.
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