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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

Oh this should be great for me haha. I'm going to be doing a research paper on a topic very similar to this for my next semester. ^_^

Octopus Babies
Against the ban

Honestly, this whole case just comes off as stupid and pointless to me. In most electronic stores, if the cashier sees a young child trying to buy a violent game that is rated T for Teen or M for Mature, they are told to refrain from allowing the purchase unless in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. I know this because my mother, who used to work for Circuit City, worked on a training project (which I actually contributed to) that would would have said rules and restrictions be shown to new employees of the retail stores.

I understand that the crafters and supporters of the bill to propose the ban on violent video games wish that today's young children never witness the brutality and gory violence that we see in games such as Mortal Combat, Doom, or Gears of War. But as I said earlier, the electronic retail stores to a good job already of making sure not to sell these games to children who are under the age requirement. With that said, the real problem lies with the irresponsible parents who buy these games for their children with or without the full understanding of the vulgarity that lies within the games. The children will beg and plead for the coolest and latest video game, and because the parent either doesn't care or doesn't understand the video game industry, they'll buy it for their son or daughter for special occasions like the winter holidays or their birthday. If those who are pushing for this ban really want to see change, they should be spending their time elsewhere; not with the court systems.

Finally, to sum it all up, the game industry has a rating system (Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)) already and they're doing fine with their decisions.

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