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Default Re: Pe2k as you remember it

The General Spriter's Showcase had ssssssssooooooooo many pages, I thought it was completely unbelievable. XD

It also has probably one of the most active showcases I've seen. xD

Pikablu Pie's shop was ALWAYS OPEN AND ACTIVE. XD It was always ending up in the first page, while other shops were a whole page or two behind. xD

You were lucky to see Ryan on pe2k.

The mod and global mods have darker names. (The color of the user titles were the username colors)

Yeah, claiming recolors didn't really happen. -..-; There's was a ton of ideas popping up, though.

Lugia_Lover9 x The Jr Trainer. I actually remember than from the DCC they posted in. It was cute. =x She was also one of the best sprite artists I've ever seen. She's still a very amazing artist. ^..^

I made lots of grammar and spelling mistakes. (I still do, but it's not as bad)

There wasn't a flood of orange names. I just remember that. There was maybe once or twice I ever say an orange name.

The Art baords were the only places I posted and hung out. XDD

If you made a Region project, lots of people would make a whole site. My favorite was from LL_9. c: Once Region and Comic threads came up, it would be trending for awhile. XD
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