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Default Digimon Adventure: NEXT!

Digimon Adventure: NEXT!
Registration+Discussion Thread

(Cue Digimon Adventure NEXT Opening Theme Hikari)

Digimon Adventure: NEXT!
Adventure One: Digital World Open.!


Wednesday, 7:30 AM

An early morning blanket of mist hugged the busy streets of Shibuya, the streets wet from the showers just moments ago. A black BMV zoomed down the streets, its windshield wipers cleaning the oncoming drops of rain. The golden haired boy inside wiped the fog off of his rayband glasses, he substituted his sunglasses for these on days like this. They looked identical to his rayban sunglasses, only difference was instead of dark lenses they were clear prescription lenses. He pushed the sleeves of his grey crewneck sweatshirt up to his elbows and checked the time on his white g-shock watch wrapped around his left wrist. It was going crazy again, just like every other electronic device around the city. The car came to a gentle stop in front of a massive building, painted white with green collumns and a large clock in the front of the school with the words: SHIBUYA HIGH SCHOOL, in green letters just above it. The hands on the clock spun rapidly round and round, the boy inside the car rolled his eyes. He wiped any dust from his dark blue jeans and cuffed the bottom of the legs before adjusting his loosely tied black low top converse.

"Have a good day at school Riku." His mother smiled warmly, the golden haired boy looked up with his bright blue-green eyes and smiled.

Riku Kiyoshi
1st Year Student

"I will mom." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before stepping out of the car and onto the wet pavement, the car rode off as Riku put on his grey snapback hat with a black bill on backwards, the same design that was on his crewneck was on his hat. "THE HUNDREDS" with a small cartoon bomb between the two words. He adjusted his low hanging golde pendant before walking down towards the school, Shibuya High School was famous for their successful american football club. Which Riku was a captain of, even though it was just his first year on the team, they were to play the Chiyoda Trojans on Friday for the Tokyo City Championship. He put on his Beats headphones on and completely drowned out the world around him with his hip hop music. He merely smiled as people passing by waved to him, he'd pretend to know what they said when he spoke to him then walked off. He was pretty sure they were just wishing him good luck on the game friday, so he just smiled and nodded his head.

He entered the large automatic glass doors and stepped into the hall, he wasn't used to seeing his classmates dressed like this which was a very different change of pace from the every day school uniforms. It didn't make a difference to Riku, the girls would look incredible either way. He entered his classroom and looked around, DEFINITELY didn't bother Riku one bit. He didn't really know every boy in his class, but he definitely knew every girl. He sat down before looking over his shoulder and seeing the girl he's chosen as the best looking girl in his class, Kayla Minako.

"Riku-kun!!" She squealed as he sat down, the boy smiled when she stood up and hugged him. He adjusted his glasses and leaned over on her desk behind him,

"Hi Kayla, so have you noticed all the weird stuff going on around town?" He raised an eyebrow, the girl nodded her head vigorously.

"YES! It to~tally ruined my weekend! I'm so mad!" She frowned, Riku chuckled.

"You're really cute when you're mad." He smiled, the girl giggled and blushed. The girl next to them just rolled her eyes, thats when Ms. Chu walked in, their history teacher. Riku sighed and opened up his notebook with less enthusiasm than he had when he had summer camp for football. Ms. Chu was a young and attractive teacher, this was his favorite time of the day. She looked up to the class and almost screamed when the lights above crackled and popped, the plastic shards raining down on the students.

"Underneath your desks!" Ms. Chu screamed. Riku grabbed his cap from his desk and ducked underneath his desk, cursing under his breath. Just a few moments after a beam of light pierced the pitch darkness of the room, it was the voice of his principal.

"What happened in here?!" He shouted into the large class, Riku stood up and wiped off the dirt from his clothes before turning to Kayla. She smiled, telling Riku she was alright. Ms. Chu stood up and walked over to the principal, they spoke for a few short moments before they told everyone to exit the class. He put his arm around Kayla and walked out of class, "I'm glad you're okay!" She grabbed his hand that around her shoulder and smiled, "Me too!" She giggled. They were relocated to the classroom next door, it was empty because it was just used for their music club after school. The rest of the day was uneventful, with the lights only flickering a few times as opposed to nearly every five minutes like the past two days. The final bell of the day rung, and Riku walked with Kayla out of the back exit of the school.

The festive scenery of the quad opened up towards them, banners and colorful decorations filled the quad. The first thing Riku saw was three of his teammates in the center stage of the quad. Kudo was up there, as well as the other two captains. "Well look who we have here! Right on time, the final captain of the American Football Team! Come on over here!" A young girl his age spoke into the microphone in her hand, they always have these little games during pep rallies and this time the captains were part of it. So Riku said bye to Kayla and walked up onto the stage. "And now, here is Coach Watanuki of the American Football Club to present the captains with their awards!" Riku smirked, he never saw eye to eye with Coach and he loved the fact he had to give him the award. His phone vibrated in his pocket, he picked the Android up and the caller ID was some weird internet address. He looked up to see everyone else in the crowd answering their phone as well, Riku answered the call and pressed it up to his ear. In a robotic, monotone voice he heard, "Moshi-Moshi-Moshi-Moshi-Moshi-" Over and over again, he hung up quickly and looked around. Everyone one had already put their phones away and were cheering once again, he raised an eyebrow as he scanned the crowd. No one else thought that was weird, NO ONE? He sighed when his coach walked in front of him and turned to the crowd,

"And to Riku Kiyoshi, Rookie of the Year!" The crowd cheered and Riku smiled and waved to the crowd, the smile faded when his coach's grip on his shoulder tigtened. "You're lucky you're getting this award, I could have easily awarded it to anyone else." Riku smirked as his coach walked away, once the remaining award of Offensive Player of the Year was given to his friend Kudo the coach walked away and the Pep commisioner grabbed the microphone yet again. The girl was quiet peppy, "Well now that that's out of the way, on to our game! We're going to blindfold the captains here and have one lucky girl get paired up-"

The pep rally ended around seven in the afternoon, the sun was beginning to set. Riku's mom was busy at work so he had to take the subway, he slapped on his headphones and pulled out his phone and started to text to entertain himself. It wasn't long before he reached the subway station, the ride over to his house was long and quiet but his music took him to his own world. The crowd of people leaked out of the subway car when it reached its destination in Shibuya Station, he walked out and managed to avoid getting trampled by the mob of people flooding into the car. He looked around to see white snow resting on the shoulders of people coming into the statilon, wet clothes and soggy suitcases. It was snowing? How strange, he still saw sunshine leaking into the station from outside. He raised an eyebrow and took a step forward, then his body felt as if it was glued to the ground. He couldn't move, gravity pressing down onto his body. His head burned and his ears started to ring, the constant chatter of the subway was completely muted. Then an elderly voice echoed in his head,

"Five strange fingers form Fate’s hand,
Each one plays part at Fate’s command.
A clouded past, the answers it keeps,

Until its time each secret sleeps.
When pain is truth and truth is pain,
The Evil of The Past shall be freed again.
Five shall go but five shall not return,
Vain hope and pride in terror burn."

The ringing in his ear went away, and when he looked around the subway was barren. Pieces of paper floating around. His eyes darted upwards, there was a short figure facing his way. He couldn't tell for sure if the figure was staring at him, the shadow casted by his brown hood covering his face. But when he looked around again, they were the only two in the station so he had to be looking at him. Riku turned his iPod off and put his headphones away slowly, then stepped back. The man grinned and looked up, the shadows fading away. He was a wrinkly old man, with bulgy eyes and a large white mustache not to mention a number of missing teeth, "Don't be afraid Riku." Riku's eyebrows furrowed, who was this man? He turned around to head to the alternate exit, he froze in his tracks. His very core was frozen in fear, the man was right in front of him. He snatched his left hand and held it up against his face,

"Get away from me you freak!!" Riku shouted, and tried to pull away. To his amazement, the man didn't budge despite his age. Riku tried and tried but the man merely smiled, thats when Riku's hand started to glow red. Riku's eyes widened, a red pattern etched itself into his hand in glowing blue light. It was a circle with wings, Riku stopped struggling out of amazement of what was going on. The man smiled, "I see, so Riku is indeed a Chosen Child. The Chosen Child of Diligence." The man spoke out and backed up a few steps, Riku grabbed his left wrist and stared as the man chuckled to himself.

"Who are you old man?" Riku asked, the man's smile faded and looked up at Riku.

"Do not worry Child of Diligence, just know you're time is near..." Riku's eyes widened. Time?
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