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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Renita Myrian
The Cullen
Affected RPers: Kamikaze (Not menioned by name, but you'll most likely meet Carie by the gate before Renita shows up in my next post)

In about 3 hours the sun would set. We had spent the day walking in silence. I couldn't be sure exactly where we were going or how long we were traveling, but Carie assured me that she knew where she was going. I was just following along with Tomo next to me, when Carie suddenly spoke. “I can't take this anymore. I'm hungry and thirsty. As soon as we eat, we're flying the rest of the way.” She sat on a stump on the road and the two of us sat in the grass nearby.

“Flying on what? Have you been hiding more stuff from me?” Not waiting for an answer, I then I turned to Tomo. “Tomo are you hungry too?” He grunted and nodded at me, as I reached into my pack, pulled out a loaf of bread, and handed it to him to eat. I also pulled out an urn of water for everybody to partake. As usual, I wasn't particularly hungry or thirsty.

I turned back to Carie who was staring into the forest. “So what did you mean flying?”

“Oh? Huh? Sorry, I spaced for a second. I meant what I said. We should be about a quarter of the way to Magnicar Castle now and we can just fly the rest of the way.” I looked at her with a puzzled expression as she turned to the forest again, like checking if we were being watched.

Seeing nothing, she let out a loud whistle. Tomo was eating some more from my pack but suddenly he perked up and started looking around the sky. I followed his gaze to the sky and could now hear the sound of wings flapping. They sounded large. I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from but Carie sat coolly on the stump, reached into her own bag for what looked like a sandwich, and started to eat it slowly. Why was she not worried? The flapping wing sound came closer and I felt two loud thumps behind me, like something heavy landed. Two somethings. I was expecting monsters, but it was nothing of the sort. Tomo had gotten up and his eyes were glowing. I followed his gaze a little to the right and saw.....a Dragonite and a Salamence?!

I wasn't afraid. In fact it was pretty humorous. The Salamence had a pink bow around the neck, obviously a girl, and the Dragonite slowly approached my pack probably catching onto the fact that I had packed food. I reached out a hand to the Salamence expecting her to bite me, but instead she licked my hand. “You're a sweetie arencha?” I said, petting her with my other hand. She grunted and roared a little as I pet her a bit more then let go so the two could get to know Tomo.

Tomo pulled out some cups from my pack, poured some water into each, and offered each of them a piece of bread. Apparently he had judged them friendly. Well, that was good enough for me.

I turned to Carie and narrowed my eyes at her even though she was still munching on the sandwich and starting into the forest with her back to me. “So when were you going to tell us you had two dragons flying high above the clouds and following along?”

She turned to me as if I startled her again. “Huh? I haven't been out of the city much so I get entranced by stuff when I travel by foot, sorry.” Well, guess that explained why she preferred to fly. If she walked everywhere she would never get there in time. “As for your question, now I guess. I wanted to see how far I could get without their help so I asked them to follow but stay out of sight until I called them.” She pointed to the two Pokemon. “Meet Bow and Drag. Not very creative names, but they didn't complain all those years ago when we met. I could tell you the story later sometime if you'd like.” I nodded silently.

The Pokemon had taken to talking among themselves and laughing in their own ways. Probably sharing embarrassing moments about us. Of course, not that I could understand their language. Or maybe they were taking turns telling jokes? Seriously no idea.

“We should pack up and get going or we won't make it to the Castle by the time the sun sets.” Said Carie as she silently motioned to the Pokemon to get up. She looked sleepy. I put away the cups that Tomo and the others had used and closed my pack. If the place we were going had a sink I'd wash them later before we left.

“Mount up. Your Lucario-”

“His name is Tomo.” I interrupted her to correct, and he nodded in Carie's direction.

“Alright, Tomo and I will ride Drag and you can ride Bow since you two hit it off so well. We should be able to get to Magnicar by nightfall. I know this great Inn and I'd already reserved rooms for us when passing through on the way to Venefinia for when I'd be returning with you. I didn't sleep last night since I was watching you, so I'd expected to be tired.” As she and Tomo got on Drag I noticed that he and Bow were wearing saddles. Looks like they were used to carrying people. “Bow, be careful with her. She's heavy.” Bow gave a soft roar of agreement as I got in the saddle.

“I'm not fat.” I replied back to Carie, not looking at her and feeling insulted.

“Didn't say you were. You're just heavier than most people.”

“What's that supposed to mean?!” Seriously this woman was unbearable. I usually don't get mad, but gosh.

“Patience.” Was the answer I got back. I just sighed as we flew up into the sky.


The flight was uneventful and silent the whole way. The sun had set when we neared the place called Magnicar Castle, and the only way we navigated was by it's lights in the distance. When we arrived and landed I saw it was a small brick fort with some shops and inns. Carrie led me to one in particular, signed us in with the owner, and gave me my key.

“Unless he left already, I was told by the higher ups we're supposed to meet up with somebody here in the morning. You go to sleep. I'll be waiting for you with Bow and Drag by the northern town gate soon after sunrise.” She said as we parted ways for the night, Tomo following me and her Pokemon following her.
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