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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

En Route to Saffron
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Sometimes, Sovereign still dreamed.

They were always violent dreams. Memories of the battles he had participated in that haunted him. During those dreams, he could feel the pain and suffering he had endured in that bygone era. During those dreams, he could still feel human.

Nascent Ridge. Two words that all the ships of the Armada still trembled at. So many lives had been lost there. So great had been their defeat. Sovereign could see still, the great armada of the Second and Fifth Fleets engaging the traitor elements of the First, Third, and Seventh Fleets. The great strategists, the High Command of the Imperial Military had determined Nascent Ridge to the ground of the great battle of this time, where the traitorous fleets would be destroyed once and for all. Outnumbered, outmaneuvered, surrounded and driven into the great chasm in the earth, Edorath had been poised to end the rebellion.

Instead, it had very nearly had been their end. Fire and smoke flashed across his vision. He could see Armada ships, his ships, falling from the skies, their hulls belching flames and great black plumes of dust and ash as they plummeted into the chasm. He could hear the warning alarms and klaxons onboard Sovereign as their armor was penetrated again and again, and one by one of the systems failed. He could hear the screams of his crew as their minds was twisted into nothingness by that horrible weapon. He could see, still see, his captain tear out his own eyes with his fingers in order to stop seeing the images in his head. He could feel that head, blood streaming from the sockets as though weeping crimson tears, wet and warm while clutched in the arms of Edorath.

Sovereign had only been back to Nascent Ridge once since the Wave. The place was now referred to by nearby residents as the Ship Graveyard. Across a plain of a hundred miles, the corpses of warships poked out from the earth, fingers of superstructure reaching towards the sky like the bones of gargantuan, long-dead monsters, rusting and melted from acid rain. It was a quiet place. A dead place. The Lamentur Vail of the Armada.

So were the dreams of Sovereign, as he gently cruised towards mainland Aria on autopilot...

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