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Default Re: [MOTM] June 2011 - Voting [Deadline: July 10]

General Categories:
Best Avatar:
Best Signature:
Best Debater:
Most Photogenic Male:
Most Photogenic Female:

Best ASB Participant:
Best URPG Participant:
Best POL Participant:
Best WFL Participant: Gelatini Jejunator, Shiny Jolteon
Best Ref/Official:

All About Pokemon:
Best Tactician/Strategist: Viva la Gofre
Best Wi-Fi Battler:
Best Wi-Fi Trader:
True Pokémon Fan:

The Arts:
Best Spriter: Graceful_Suicune
Best Graphics Artist: Mizuki Emi, Anastasia R
Best Drawn Artist: Lilligance, Kumori Gem
Best Author: Kumori Gem, Giratina
Best Roleplayer:

The Members:
Best New Member: Lilligance
Most Active Member:
Best Friend: Teo
Wish You Were Here: Shady, Snow Fairy Sugar
Funniest Member:
Weirdest Member:
Most Helpful: Kaoru Matsubara, Gelatini Jejunator
Best Pair/Couple:

The High Stakes:
Trend Setter:
Best Contribution to PE2K: HKim
PE2K Idol:
Best Moderator: The Unreal Shadow Tracker
Best PE2K Staff Member: Simmi

Just For Fun:
Member I Would Like to Meet: Josh
Member I Would Most Likely Run From:
Noob of the Month:
Most Excitable on Friday:
Youngest at Heart:

Member of the Month:
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