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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Magnicar Castle(Traveling from Venefinia to Parasanti)
Affected RPers: None

Belcarth was floating. Floating above what must be Magnicar Castle, it looked different form this altitude. Smaller, like a miniature structure similar to the ones architects use to show their intended result.

In the distance there were singing.

Slowly, as if pushed by a gust of wind, he began moving north. Several hundred feet above the ground, his weight no more than that of a feather. He began to move faster, following the coast, still to the north. Only briefly did he stop at the sight of the forest, an ocean of green, the wind sending ripples and waves through the treetops. Then he continued, he his speed increasing, and the course shifting slightly to the east.

Serene, calming voices.

None below him, neither animal nor pokemon, noticed the peculiar sight of a human soaring through the sky, and as the forest flew by, the song in the distance grew louder. The voices were calling for him, longing for his presence. And he was answering their call.

When the forest came to an end, it gave way to a vast open landscape, with a desert in the far distance, and as the last pieces of the forest faded away behind him, Belcarth began descending, albeit not all the way to the ground

The voices grew louder, stronger.

Now less than 30 feet from the ground, Belcarth could see a group of humans, knights by the looks of it. As he further examined them, he found one of the knights familiar. And just as suddenly as he recognized the man, felings of anger and hatred started to stir within him, fueled by his enemies smile as he stood there, talking to his men. The man was Imos, his former mentor and the murderer of his father.

Passionate, flaming voices.

As his rage was building up, the intensity of the voices followed suit. And just as he was about to shout something at the knight, he heard something in the distance, closer than the voices, more tangible. Looking to the north he saw a hoard of creatures, indescribable in the human tongue, rushing forward, towards the knights.

The knights, surprised by this sudden appearance, acted too late, although having acted earlier would only have delayed the inevitable. Paralyzed by the sight of the hoard, they panicked and as soon as they snapped out of their stunned state, they all tried to run. But it was all in vain, for nothing could outrun these creatures.

Terrifying, excruciating voices.

Belcarth couldn't move, he was hovering over the battle, witnessing a slaughter that would instill fear in even the most seasoned of veterans. Maiming and mutilation seemed humane, even kind in comparison. When the horde was finished, they continued in the direction they had prior to the butchering, and as they passed off into the distance, nothing was left to be found of the knights. No bodies, no armor, not even the blood on the ground.

And as Belcarth slowly turned towards the direction form where the horde had originated, he felt that if he just wanted, all this could be his. His power would be infinite, the horde would be his to command, and nobody could stand in his way.

The voices now building up to a crescendo, he once again started moving, but as his speed increased, the voices changed once more, they sounded desperate, grasping for his attention. And as this change happened, he felt like he woke up from a trance, and suddenly everything turned dark, darker than the deepest abyss.


Belcarth awoke with a start, trying to sit up, only to find Jayde standing over him, one paw on his forehead, and tears in her eyes.

As he slowly recovered from the nightmare, he looked around him, making sure he was really awake. Then he sat up, no resistance this time.

He had never needed help to break free from the nightmares before, he had always been able to see through the disguises that the voices used to manipulate him, why hadn't he this time? Why had he needed the help of Jayde to wake up? As he looked at his most trusted friend, he saw the pain in her eyes.

"What happened?" He asked, telepathically, as there was nobody else in the room.

"You were sleeping, dreaming. Suddenly all I could feel was...Pain...Anger..." She took a deep breath, "And...Hatred...Hatred of the most evil kind. I thought I had lost you this time."

"This time? You mean you have helped before?" Belcarth asked, frightened at the thought of what would've become of him had they not met all those years ago.

"Not always. And never this much. You seemed to be completely cut off, what did you see in there?" The worry was apparent both in her eyes and voice.

"The same as always," he began. "Starting at whatever location I am at, floating off to the cursed resting grounds to the north, although there is no rest to be found in such a place. I normally wake up when the forest fades away, realizing where I'm headed..." He didn't finish the sentence.

"It must be because you are still tired, you haven't recovered completely since the last time they tried." Jayde said, sounding more sure about it than she looked.

Well, how am I supposed to recover if I can't sleep? He thought to himself, but didn't bother telling her that.

As neither of them could sleep so soon after the event, they began packing what little they had unpacked, only Growlithe still sleeping in a corner of the room. And by the they were finished, the sun had begun to rise on the eastern horizon. The night had passed, but the voices would return, they always did.

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