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Default Re: [WAR X] Humor 2011 - HOLY SARDINES, BATMAN

Since this week has ended and judging has been completed, I feel it is necessary to explain my submission so it isn't
entirely ignored.
The joke of my submission involves a number of things that may have easily been overlooked. The general concept involves
how mustard is in fact the harlot of condiments, being found on burgers, sandwiches and even as a dipping sauce.
Comparing this to other similar sauces, such as horseradish (which is found in the same family as the mustard seed, if I
remember correctly), it serves a lot more purposes than these more "monogamous" sauces. The mere fact that this
ingredient has been mentioned in such an isolated setting, simply by itself, is an ironic parody of how mustard is
normally found.
Taking it further, we see that not only is mustard being used in this context, it also mirrors the problem of bias in
judging, a mock attempt at sucking up to your expressed delight at the condiment. While others may spend a lot of time
working on a general concept while taking your expressed interests into consideration, this parodies the mere idea of
basing a submission on the judge themselves rather than something more generically funny, by presenting a lazied submission
that is simply a single word that has been referenced.
Finally, the "punch line" so to speak, would be that of winning in itself. Had the submission won, the mere absurdity
of a single word such as Mustard winning would be a hilarity in its own right, overshadowing the aforementioned points.
Mustard is also a very silly word.

Congrats to the winners of the first week!

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