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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Perhaps not to someone with no understanding of history. But if you cannot learn the lessons of the past, then you have no hope for the future.
As I sit here and shake my head, you continue to disregard the major differences between now and 70 years ago. The scales of both the wars and the economy are separated by a huge range. They had millions of jobs created back then compared to our thousands. They had a depression compared to our recession. This isn't history repeating itself, it's only like a child of the past.

Apparently you also can't learn the lessons of current news either, considering the fact that that inflation has been ENCOURAGED by the Federal Reserve. In the light of this fact your accusation of ignorance is laughable.
Yeah go take your hypocrisy elsewhere. The federal reserve can easily be deemed as corrupt. Their interests lie within themselves, and not the good of the country. In simpler terms it's as if the fed is a private corporation.

Iraq always has been, and always will be, an American matter. The UK's irrelevant. They could have pulled out every single soldier years ago. Heck, they could have never had sent any soldiers in the first place. Their contribution was tiny compared to the American one, and it was mostly for political posturing. Also, that argument reeks of Nirvana Fallacy. Putting troops into a war zone doesn't automatically make it peaceful. But if there have been any less attacks on civilians because of our troops (which is practically guaranteed if you follow the history of sectarian violence in Iraq between Sunnis and Shiites), it's been worth it.
You can't just ay that a major player is irrelevant. That's like saying the cheese on a burger is irrelevant because the meat is bigger. The only difference between the UK and the US is that for most of the time, it WAS the UK's problem and they were doing most of the acting, but when America had to go all "Herp derp I'mma super hero", Britain was like "Yeah you can be the leader now, you idiot lol!!" And again, my face when you STILL can't read that I said we should keep SOME troops there -> :||||||||||||

That point flew waaaay over your head boy. The government is irrelevant. The fact that we're rebuilding a destroyed country is. The fact that, by rebuilding two countries it destroyed in war, America also built two of the world's largest economies. America didn't have to do the Marshall Plan. It didn't have to pour billions into rebuilding Germany and Japan. And if it hadn't, both those countries would have more in common with nations like Georgia or Malaysia than they do with themselves today. That's the difference between an Iraq from which we withdrew way too early and the possible Iraq that may exist now.
What? XDD The government is totally relevant, my child! That was part of the initial question... "International intervention in the Middle East. Should it continue, or should the major Western powers withdraw?" Major western powers implies the governments and their involvement. Btw, you can't just keep throwing around terms such as the Marshall Plan and the Axis powers without making relevant points with them. To reiterate, Germany and Japan were entire nations that we destroyed the homeland of with tanks, warships, and (for Japan) atomic bombs. We aren't exactly doing the same thing in the middle east because the major threats that we face are the TERRORIST organizations. Terrorist organization =/= Government. Got it yet?

Oh, I didn't know you couldn't ponder the significance of a political event such as restructuring one of the axis of power within a region and thought that the ramifications wouldn't span past a decade.
Why the hell do you keep bringing up the Axis powers? The axis powers were a completely different opponent unlike anything the world has ever seen even up to today (except maybe the Central powers in WWI).

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