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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Ugh, so this is late and I don't like it and it's kinda long. I also made a few assumptions regarding the Knights of the Red Circle thing. IDK.

Name: Derrick Kuraena

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Team: Elemental

Class: Human

Description: Derrick is slightly taller than average, with a somewhat athletic build. He has short, dark black hair, which he tends to keep somewhat messy, and a small amount of stubble around his chin. He typically wears a black polo shirt, along with dark brown trousers, with an orange/brown overcoat, and brown boots. His wardrobe rarely changes from this, as he has little money to obtain other clothes.

Personality: Derrick is generally calm and stoic, and very rarely will show emotion. He prefers to focus on the task at hand, and get it done, without letting emotions get in the way, and he bears a large amount of guilt for what he thinks he did to his adopted mother. He doesn't like to talk an overly large amount, and isn’t one to mince words. However, he isn't an unkind person, and is always happy to assist someone who needs him. He does have a kind heart, but will only show it to the fewest of people. He is generally rough, and his fighting style matches. He prefers up close, unarmed combat, with his Pokémon partner, a Mightyena. He is able to use a few different types of swords, but prefers not to. He has a personal vendetta against mages, due to his childhood being negatively affected by them, but is slowly coming to accept them after working by their side.

History: Derrick’s parents were rich aristocrats in the city of Venefia. They were both powerful mages, and they were both well known for experimenting into new forms of life magic. Derrick’s father, an arrogant man named Lucial, was adept at a lot of elemental magic, and had incredible control over elements, like fire and water. His wife, a proud woman who went by the name of Samara, was skilled in healing, and manipulation of organic materials. They were both hard workers, and had made numerous advances in magical sciences, and as such, they were very well renowned. Their level of skill had instilled a large ego in their heads, of which was only further boosted by the flattery they received, both from their peers, and from the general public.

So then, when the time came that they wanted, and needed, a child of their own, an heir to their fame and fortune, it was expected that their child would be amazing. After a long year, their child was finally born, and as they gazed down at their child for the first time, they were thoroughly disappointed. They knew their son wasn’t a mage.

They raised Derrick as their son for almost two years, teaching him the basics of life, all the while, trying to force magic into him. They tried many methods to turn their son into a mage, to no success. Derrick was subjected to numerous experiments, some harmless, some more deadly. His parents tried zapping him with magic, tried injecting him with strange liquids, and were extremely close to infusing him with Ichor, before the Mind Police stepped in. The Mind Police found out that they had both started falling to the corruption, and they were taken away, leaving Derrick in the care of a young woman. The woman, named Khisanth, had no relation to Derrick, but happened to be nearby when his parents were taken away, and she was entrusted with the young baby. She took him home, to a small cottage at the edge of Venefinia, where he spent the next few years of his life growing into an energetic young boy, without the pressure of becoming a mage.

On his fifth birthday, Khisanth held a small party for Derrick, and invited a few of the local children, as at that time, Derrick had very few friends. There were some paper decorations, and an enchanted floating bauble, which would slowly follow the kids wherever they went. And in the main dining room, there was a small wooden table for the kids, and a home baked chocolate cake. However, the kids were all playing out in the yard, oblivious to the chocolate cake. The children were running around the flowery garden, gently pushing the shiny bauble at each other, giggling everytime the bauble bounced off someone’s hands. For the first time, Derrick didn’t notice, or care, that he was the only regular human, and for the first time, he fit in with people, and it was the best day of his life.

But what Derrick didn’t know was that as he played, a young, stray Pooochyena watched silently from under the fence, whimpering quietly. As Khisanth called the children inside to eat cake, the stray pup crawled under the fence, and slowly made its way towards the house. The Poochyena approached the back door, which was now shut and locked, and softly scratched against the door. The door was opened, and Khisanth looked around confused, before noticing the young pup on the doorstep. She picked it up, cradled it in her arms, brought it inside, and placed it in Derrick’s arms.

As soon as Derrick laid eyes on the helpless Poochyena pup, he fell in love. He cuddled it to his chest, gently pat its fluffy head, and when it started staring at the chocolate cake hungrily, he fed it a piece. Khisanth told him that the young Poochyena was a female, and he decided to name it Annika, out of a children’s book he had read.

For the weeks following his birthday, he nurtured the young Poochyena, feeding it, and taking care of it, and he did little else. He played with it out in the garden, running through the flowers, and just enjoying himself like any other boy should. One day, he was out playing in the yard with Annika, throwing a small stick for her to chase. Everytime Derrick threw the stick, she would go fetch it, and come trotting back to him, holding the stick proudly in her mouth, before dropping it at this feet. Derrick picked it up, and readied himself to throw the stick for the umpteenth time. He swung his arm through the air, and just as he was about to let go, there was a loud booming noise in the distance. It distracted him for just that moment, and he accidentally threw the stick towards the house, and he flinched as the stick smashed through the kitchen window. He cautiously approached the window, which has started smoking. He cautiously peered inside, and the stove was on fire, and a flaming stick was lying on the floor just below it. There was only one thing flowing through Derrick’s mind at that moment, and it was a mixture of shock and panic, and he did the first thing his mind told him to do, and that was to run. He picked up the confused Poochyena pup in his arms, bolted over the fence, and headed straight towards Zarun forest. As he ran into the safety of the trees, he chanced a quick glance backwards, and the whole house was in flames, and there was no one around. Not even Khisanth.

Derrick spent many years living isolated in the forest, with only Annika for company. He was trying to cope with immense amounts of guilt, and had comtemplated trying to kill himself numerous times, with Annika only just managing to keep him alive. They wandered aimlessly through the forests; searching for any wild berries they could eat to sustain themselves. Pointless days grew into dreary weeks, which into grew into longer months, and soon, even years were slowly ticking by, and eventually, they forgot the reason why they were hiding. They remembered why they ran, they would always remember, but they no longer knew what made them continue hiding from civilisation. Unfortunately, they didn’t know where civilisation was.

Eventuallly, Derrick’s wanderings through the forest had brought him significantly north of Venefinia, to the city of Parasanti. Lost, confused, starving, and as shaggy as the Poochyena behind him, the now teen-aged Derrick stumbled into the city. As he passed through the gate, he was confronted by a few guards, who quickly frisked him, and asked a few questions. They identified themselves as Knights of the Red Circle, and explained to Derrick that they were sworn to seek out and kill mages. After a long conversation with the Knights, Derrick knew that he wanted to join them. So he was led to the base of operations for the Knights of the Red Circle in Parasanti, where he begun the long and rigorous training almost immediately, along with Annika.

Derrick finally completed all of his training at the age of twenty-five, and at his graduation ceremony, he was called up to the stage to receive his sword. He was clean, and wearing a fine silk suit and Annika was well groomed, opposed to the day they both arrived in Parasanti. He approached the stage proudly, with Annika right at his heels, and received his sword. He held it up proudly, and Annika howled, evolving into a Mightyena at that moment.

Derrick abandoned the Knights of the Red Order not long after his graduation, however. Their methods were cruel, unfair, and even though he had a negative view of mages, he didn’t think this was right. In one of his first expeditions out with the Order, he encountered a young group of mages called Elemental, who were fighting against the Order, and helping to teach and care for young mages, who had otherwise been rejected. He ended up joining Elemental, and fighting for the cause which he once fought against.

Pokemon: Annika, the female Mightyena. Annika shares an instinctive connection with Derrick, so while they cannot communicate telepathically, they both think in almost identical ways, and can often tell what the other is thinking. They can usually co-ordinate attacks and such without having to communicate. They are very quick to defend each other should a dangerous situation arise.

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