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Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
The Dream Hotel

Welcome to the Dream Hotel, where one nights rest may result in wonderful things happening. For a simple $15, you can let your Pokemon rest in one of our three different beds and there’s been an oddity of finding another Pokemon once we come in to make the beds again. You may take this Pokemon with you. There’s a chance that they come with abilities not normally known sometimes.

You may choose one of three beds to sleep in:

The green bed will promote dreams of the sweet and lush forests, where we’ve been told that Pokemon dream of painting the tree’s with honey and making new friends.

The grey bed, dreams of flying high in the sky, rushing through clouds to find Pokemon hiding in them, only to race around the big blue beyond.

The blue bed, dreams of diving deep into the ocean, diving through forests of seaweed and continents of coral to find those hiding in the shadows to play hide and seek with.

-Must wait 24 hours before you can receive Pokemon.
-Pokemon can’t be in any other facility while in the Dream Hotel, such as the Evolution Dojo. They cannot be actively in a battle while visiting the Dream Hotel.
-You may claim your Pokemon after your 24 hours period once the Pokemon that was befriended in the dream has been posted.
-Certain Pokemon will be easier to find on certain days of the week.

[75% chance Pokemon will have a DW ability]

Please follow the format bellow:

Forest Honey Slathering:

Wurmple -Monday
Combee -Tuesday
Sewaddle -Wednesday
Caterpie -Thursday
Weedle -Friday
Venipede -Saturday
Burmy -Sunday

Aipom -Monday
Venonat - Tuesday
Spinarak -Thursday
Shelmet -Friday
Karablast -Wednesday

Heracross - Tuesday
Munchlax -Monday
Pinsir -Wednesday

Skyline Cloud Butting:

Pidgey -Monday
Spearow -Tuesday
Starly -Wednesday
Pidove -Thursday
Hoothoot -Friday
Taillow -Saturday
Ducklett -Sunday

Wingull -Monday
Swablu -Tuesday
Murkrow -Wednesday
Natu -Thursday
Woobat -Friday

Drifloon -Friday
Gligar -Thursday
Skarmory -Sunday

Ocean Diving:

Tentacool -Monday
Shellos -Tuesday
Frillish -Wednesday
Mantyke -Thursday
Poliwag -Friday

Buizel -Saturday
Luvdisc -Sunday

Basculin -Monday
Carvanha -Tuesday
Magikarp -Wednesday
Chinchou -Thursday
Remoraid -Friday

Feebas -Tuesday
Lapras -Friday
Dratini -Saturday

So how rolling works is that we first roll for which category, Common Uncommon on Rare,, using 60%, 35% and 5% respectively as you mentioned. Then we roll for which Pokemon out of that category. Based on which day the Pokemon went to sleep, say for example, there was a roll of 55, meaning a common Pokemon. We would then roll from 1-7 for one of those Pokemon, depending on what day of the week, one of those Pokemon would get an additional 10% chance of being found, so the roll would be from 1-8.

Okay with my typos and all it look?
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