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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Fort Aer
Affected: Grassy

For a human, there was much to do on Fort Aer. For the most part, exploring the great fortress was enough entertainment for these adventurous souls. The interior of Fort Aer, with its enormous hextech machines and vast electrical systems, was viewed by the people of Aria with as much wonder as the ancient ruins beneath Saffron. Like ancient Saffron, Fort Aer was a relic from a world that was lost now. Something that could never return to the world. Not really.

That didn't mean though, that it wasn't worth a shot, Sovereign mused. His feeling of purpose had yet to dissipate, which was a good thing. Obviously he could not embark on so grand a scheme in the realistic amount of time allotted to him in the near future. But he was Sovereign, and Armada had centuries from which they could spin their mechanical webs...

For now though, the immediate was what was needed to be considered. Jacu Estruao, a mechanic on Sovereign's crew, was retiring from the Armada. He was still a young man, so it wasn't retiring due to age, but more so that he had enjoyed this adventurous episode of his life and wanted to return home, settle down, and get down to business. This was a constant phenomenon for Sovereign, so there was little need to fret. Armada crew members signed on for a certain period of time, after which they could either continue to enlist for another period of time or leave. Most people had their fill quickly. A few particularly courageous men and women, however, stayed with the Armada for life.

"You will be a fine addition to your school," Sovereign told Jacu through his avatar. Jacu had acquired a teaching position in Saffron City. The experience from working on Lifemaker-era hextech machinery wasn't easy to come by, after all, and post-Armada crew engineering members usually had an easy time finding jobs. Regardless, Sovereign didn't really mean what he was telling Jacu. He had no idea whether the boy was talented at his work or not. Not knowing this, Jacu smiled broadly at the praise. "We will depart for Saffron in the morning," Sovereign said. He knew Harbinger had his avatar in the city for some reason or other. Perhaps there was something that could be accomplished there.

[Serenity requesting contact with Sovereign,] the message came through on Sovereign's communicator.

[Contact granted,] Sovereign replied. [What is it?]

[It's Twisted Tornadic Terror,] Serenity replied in an exasperated tone. [She's tearing the sky up above Fort Aer and liable to cause major damage is left unchecked.]

Triple T. A most peculiar little vessel. The centuries had driven her, in a word, insane. Nonetheless, she was something that Sovereign had to admit the Armada was sorely lacking in its ships: lively. And though her ideas were rarely productive, she often spurred others into becoming so, if only to deal with her childishness. One could make a convincing argument she did more good than harm. Mostly.

Strangely, he was feeling somewhat forgiving today. Sovereign lifted up his main guns to track Triple T's twisted motion through the sky. The flying train's sensors probably wouldn't be able to pick that up from her distance, but it brought Sovereign the tiniest bit of amusement nonetheless.

[Feel free to restrain her if she crashes into something,] Sovereign ordered.

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