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Default Re: [WAR X] Drawn Art

Team: Vile
Name: Lilligance

Note: I was unable to finish it because it was my birthday today and I spent it with my family, but I will finish it by sunday. I understand point will be taken, but I thought better to show my effort than no effort at all! This is a group 'photo' of Vile's team leaders as pokemon! (I asked most of the leaders what pokemon they would like to be represented as in the picture!). SLC (Wevile) only lets people into Vile's secret lair if they can submit a good contribution for the war! So everyone is lined up with their contribution! Ursaring is the body guard, in case anyone should get any ideas to steal other peoples work, or break out into fights and what not. Arbok keeps crowd control. I will post which pokemon are which leaders as soon as I can!

Click Doredia to see some of my art, you can look if you like.
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