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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Saffron City
Affected RPers: N/A

Saffron was greeted by the dawn, and Vyraz was there to witness it. The great sun, rising in the east, signified the world's grand reunion with sunlight. Saffron looked incredibly impressive, with the great rays of the closest source of light in the solar system shining on the city-state.

This, however, wasn't the concern of his cohorts. Having been hiking for a good deal of the night, his men had been tired out, merely shells of their potential.

"Don't worry, fellows! If you are truly sleepy right before our grand excursion into Saffron's ruins, which we may only be doing once in our lives, and may very well make us rich and famous, then you may sleep outside the tunnels that will take us down to the ruins." Vyraz said, trying to convince as many people as he could to go spelunking. "All those that are unbelievably tired to the previously mentioned extent, please raise your hands now, so that I may not need to remember to tell you among the men who do get credit in the Cullen for this mission!" He added.

To his dismay, only three people didn't raise his hand: First mate Barnibus, Medic Monroe, and Jamar, the crewmate that usually sat atop the crow's nest.

"Truly? Ah, well! Jamar, Monroe, Barnibus, I suppose it is just you three and I that will be the first to properly explore the depths of ancient Saffron! Let us be off towards the relics." Vyraz said, hopefully trying to hook in more men. None decided to lower their hands.

Vyraz hid his disappointment well that the majority of his crew was going to stay up, as they walked through the City. He himself was as worn out as the rest of them, but the mere thought of the riches within the ruins, as well as the fact that he slept for a little while last night, both helped to keep slumber out of his mind.

The city's known relics and highly profitable tourist business did not stop it from having shops in as many places as possible. The property of bakers, blacksmiths, doctors, teachers and other shopkeepers was on every block of the City State, and it was just as good of a place to live in as Itum. Probably better, in fact, as the rivers weren't known to be contaminated from the waste of Alchemy.

A hole in the ground. A small crack in the earth, just large enough for his Braviary to fit into, but nevertheless, it presented as good an opportunity to go visit the lower reaches of Saffron as any crack in the ground that could fit a man. This particular route to the ruins, however, was probably the best out of every one they so far saw, for it was farthest away from curious eyes and probing bystanders.

Many of his men-specifically, all the men who were too lazy to discover the magnificent relics of Saffron's eldest days for themselves-were going to sleep outside the hole, whist Vyraz, Barnibus, Monroe and Jamal would climb down with a rope. Once inside, there was one way out-up. Hopefully, the direction would be up, too. Saffron had suffered through devastating earthquakes at times, which is why Saffron had been rebuilt so many times. In fact, the first few layers were still public, for having multiple houses that still functioned.

Before they got down to the hole, Vyraz pulled out a small little whistle. A few of the crewmates that were still awake scratched their heads when Vyraz blew forth a note that none of them could comprehend, mainly due to the lack of ability to hear it.

Then a Shiny Braviary was seen on the Horizon...Storm started his plummet towards the earth, flapping it's wings to slow it's fall, and coming to rest nearby Vyraz.

"Storm, I hope you're not claustrophobic, because you'll be helping me explore the caverns and crevices of the Saffron Caves...You're not claustrophobic, are you?" Vyraz asked. Storm shook his head like someone to gesture 'no.' This obviously meant that he did not suffer from being in cramped spaces.

"Well then, bring what we need and what we can carry...And let's be setting off into the inner confines of this rubble, for the diamonds among the coal." Vyraz said, starting his decent into Saffron's ruins, sliding down the rope.

The first step into oblivion was a calm one, and to his delight, another crack in the ground was nearby, illuminated by the great sun above, now risen directly above them. The Efron lamps they took were going to replace the sun for the time they spent where the sun didn't send it's great rays. However, even with Efron, the light wouldn't last forever. He hoped that the rumors about bulbs of glass containing light from neither fire nor sun were true.

Vyraz looked downward. The sun's great light was too diminished to see far down past where they were right now. Turning around, he saw nothing but a ghost town, people from a past, less technologically-advanced civilization. This wasn't even close to the ruins of old they were seeking.

It would be dangerous-many that had gone down here were Pokemon-less, and they reported rumors of odd, strange Pokemon that would nearly never tire that lived at the bottom, which chased them out for the fear they inspired from their weird shapes. Vyraz honestly hoped that those that went down here prior were merely making rumors to further their own ego, or else just imagining things. But one must come prepared. And he did.

He pulled out the Zenith of Hope, wary of every shadow. The Zenith's aura did little good to shine some light into the world around him, but it worked. He also noticed that, in his deep contemplation of the potential obstacles below, the rest of his four-man-one-Pokmeon exploration party also made way to where he was, and was also looking at the abyss they'd soon be traversing.

Vyraz hoped they didn't lose heart. He'd ignore those that didn't partake in the mission at all, but those that turned tail who agreed to go would be noted for their cowardice. And he didn't like reporting cowardice on his crewmates.
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