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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Noble Six
Seedy Bar in Mancia
Affected RPers:Alaskapidove, Kai Mei, Chainreaction

He hated talking all together, especially to mages. Ever since the fire, he linked any type of disaster to mages regardless of plausibility or not. VILE gave him a task to recruit two people, both female apparently. One was a timid, mousy looking girl. She was easy to drug and was almost to willing to accept his offer. It was a shame since he wanted blood to be spilt tonight but beggers can not be choosers. His latest target was another girl, another mage. VILE really liked messing with him. Making sure everything was prepared, he sat and waited as he examined what the bar patrons had to offer. Nothing but an ordinary bar. The barman, Bartolomeo, was your best friend for a generous fee. The prostitutes worked their rounds with the returning and newest members, watching the new girls go to the fate they were destined to live. The drunks were slouched off in a corner, the stench of vomit and booze floating about and forcing everyone away. The lucky ones would wake up while the others had drank themselves into a comatose. Suddenly the door had opened, the light actually causing a few denizens to flee. The target had entered.

A few of the men eyed the girl lustfully, thinking she was the newest recruit but the barmen called them off. Rats, nothing but rats. Noburu wouldn't mind exterminating them for no fee but he had more pressing matters. He raised a hand and waved the girl over and offered her a seat. Then the conversation began. A slight smile was on his face at all times but to was nothing serious. It was all apart of the job. Underneath the table was a knife wedged in a self made crack. That was Plan B incase the girl either lost control or refused. Either would genuinely a smile on Noburu's face. The conversation continued until he told her to give him an example of her powers. She then went quiet. It seemed she didn't want to do it so he asked once more. The rule was to ask twice, if they either wouldn't or can't then he would have to instigate it.

She decided to give in and use her powers. Leaning back, he watched, purple eyes seemung to dull a bit behind his hair. He felt something invade his mind, looking through his memory. Suddenly, he was an astral projection looking around his own mind. He was told of this power and ways to counteract it. Jolting back to awarness, she did as well. His face didn't show any pain but under the *table, he had cut across his palm to wake himself up from the trance like state.

Telling her that was enough, he went ahead and explained VILE to her. What it could do and its goals, sparing no detail. He was reading her movements and facial changes as he talked, noticing a small latent interest that manifested into a bigger one. Hook, line, and sinker. Offering up his glass, they toasted as the drug in her drink took effect. She collasped onto the table but nobody was really caring. just probably another drunk who had to much. He put her into a body bag, the same one the other girl was stuffed in, and zipped it closed. A label saying “MORGUE" was plasted in a chalky white. Hefting the bag over his shoulder, he turned his head to the shadows, giving a slight nod. Nothing but a small scratching noise was heard as Noburu walked towards the exit, bypassing a man and another pokemon, Pawniard by its looks. Kind of shifty as well but he ignored it, well seemed to.

Walking out of the bar, he took a few blocks down and into an alley way. He whistled faintly and in a wisp of wind, his Sceptile appeared behind him, looking at the bodybag and sighed a little. He had more heart than his master. Turning to him, the Sceptile gave him a sad look but was met with a small pet to the head. Although fully grown, the pokemon still enjoyed that.

“I know. I'm still working on a plan. We'll leave one day. Just trust me on this." he said as he handed over the bag.

“Get this to the ship heading to Saffron. There should be a hidden room in the bottom so stow away there. I'll be along and check up on you once I'm done with supplies and a little nuisance." he said, noticing he was followed a ways back.

“Kill the Pawniard and the guy if they get too close," he muttered. Sceptile gave a nod and strapped the bag to its back. Leaping quite high, it clung to the brick wall and began to climb its way to the top. Noburu wasn't worried at all. If even spotted, Sceptile would seem like a messanger pokemon.

He needed to distract the two followers before they realized Sceptile had left. They might already be listening so he acted fast. Leaving the alley way, he walked to the craftsmans shop, chatting it up with the blacksmith who was a mutal friend. More like a contact in case things went bad. He took a bag of spikes, five throwing knives and a small black box. Leaving the store, he made his way towards the docks and saw a small farm on the way. He also noticed an X on the entrance to the dock, a callsign. Let Noburu know Sceptile was alright. VILE told him to look where others are blind.Something he actually thought was useful.

He snuck around to the back of the farm, Tauros and Miltank grazing in the fields and a Rapidash tied to the stable outside. Pulling out his small knife, he cut the horse loose and hopped on and turning his head towards the stables. He kicked his heels against its sides and it broke off into a run. It galloped faster and faster then hopped over the fence. Digging two fingers into its neck, it reared back and began to flare up, throwing the other pokemon into a frenzy. Noburu got off before The blaze could catch in fire and sprinted towards the gate, releasing the latch and releasing a heard of Tauros. It was funny and amusing at the same time as he heard people yelling and clamoring. He made his way towards the ship as he saw people using various water pokemon to calm the blaze and others attempting to subdue the raging pokemon. That should slow him down, if not stall. He didn't need followers or VILE would get pissed.
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