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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
En route between Venefinia and Parasanti
Affected RPers: None

Belcarth and his two companions had set out perhaps an hour after sunrise, and so far had only had to make one stop, at the edge of the forest.

While the path to the forest had been a detour, the amount of time would gain from replenishing their strength was well worth the extra travel distance. As they had arrived at the edge of the Zarun Forest just a short distance outside Venefinia, Belcarth had opened up his mind, feeling Jayde doing the same, and welcomed the voices of the forest. He then opened up a channel with the trees in the immediate vicinity, and absorbed just a small amount from each. The trees themselves would regain that little energy in a matter of hours, while the total amount that Belcarth and Jayde received was more than enough to replenish their energy to the same level it had been after meditation the day before. But while both magical and physical strength were easily recovered, the fatigue was still present, not as much as before, but not completely faded.

After this detour, they had walked back to the main road, and continued north. They had been walking for about two hours, and they had managed to pick up the pace a little more as time had progressed. Growlithe seemed to have no trouble walking, or running at times, and both Belcarth and his Lucario were feeling better after the detour. Belcarth was just about to ask if they should stop and get something to eat, when he heard noise coming from the road behind them, hooves to be more specific. As Belcarth feared the worst, he reached for the handle of his sword, and turned around, only to find a wagon with two Rapidash pulling it. It was still some distance away, but Belcarth walked to the side of the road and signaled the two pokemon to do the same. As the wagon came closer, Belcarth found himself recognizing the logo located on it's side. It belonged to a fairly successful merchant who visited Venefinia at times. They did business together just about every time he was in town, and normally they met each other even the few occasions when there was no business to be done.

As the wagon got closer to them, it slowed down and as it stopped, a man in his late thirties stepped out of the wagon.

"Greetings Awbur, what brings you to the fair city of Venefinia?" Belcarth asked, a slightly sarcastic undertone at the end of the question.

"Fair you say?" The merchant almost spat the words. "Nothing but mages and Thought Police in the whole rotten place, but damn if you aren't one of the finest weaponsmiths I've done business with. I went to your house earlier this morning, only to find that you had left just an hour before. What kind of nonsense is this? Running of when there is money to be made."

"I had no idea that you were in town," Belcarth said, not at all offended by the merchants negative attitude towards mages. "But I have some business to attend to in Parasanti. That is the reason I'm 'running off', as you say it."

"Parasanti? What could you possibly have to do up there in the forest?" Awbur's eyes narrowed as he looked at the smith and his pokemon, his eyes lingering at the Growlithe. "You picked a hell of a time to leave, some guy has apparently been telling the Thought Police that some mage stole his Growlithe. They searched every wagon that left the city. How long have you had that one?"

"Oh, I don't know, since yesterday I think." Belcarth said, then added, "His former owner had a change of heart in the middle of a beating. Suddenly he decided that he may just be better of somewhere else than where he was currently standing."

"I see, then perhaps we should get going? I'm not going as far as to Parasanti, but right now we're heading the same way." The merchant said as he opened the door.

It took a few minutes to assure Growlithe that it was safe to get into the large wooden box, but as soon as the canine jumped in, they left. Heading north.

It was already dark as they arrived at Magnicar Castle, and as they made their way to one of the more expensive, and better, inns, Belcarth learned that the merchant would continue towards Itum the day after, offering a ride to the crossroad just prior to Endla Forest.
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