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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Altruis???? o____0? I don't recall you signing up for Team Elemental...)

Caoimhe and Grace
Endla Forest/Parasanti Outskirts
Affected RPers: White Wolf, Altruis, Moonkit

Grace's Icy Wind failed to affect the other Pokemon, as the Ferrothorn threw up a defensive Protect, and the dragon Pokemon cunningly flew upwards to avoid the blow. Caoimhe's mind raced as she tried to think of an attack--thinking that she should probably take out the dragon with an Ice Beam. But before she could issue her next command, the masters of the enemy Pokemon leapt from their hiding place. They looked pretty similar--twins, perhaps--and in their own way, they subdued their Pokemon. One sat on the Ferrothorn, the other pulling the dragon to the ground.

"Da***t, Ryugaun," the dragon's master scolded him sharply. "You are so freaking stubborn. One day it's going to get you killed. It almost did!"

This stranger glanced up at Caoimhe's group of mages, and she immediately saw the hate that entered his eyes. Caoimhe coolly stared back, taking quiet observations. Both of them shared the same caramel-colored hair and blue eyes, and both wore bits of armor that--as far as Caoimhe could see--did not bear the mark of the Knights. Caoimhe didn't know who they were, or who they worked for, but she wasn't going to take any chances. They could prove to be as much of an enemy as the Red Circle.

The male twin sighed, glaring at his dragon, "I'm sorry. He's a bit... impulsive."

Caoimhe neither laughed or spoke. She glanced over at Nuisha, checking to see if she was alright, then the young woman signaled to her mages. They encircled the intruders, blocking off any escape root--save the sky. Just then, they were joined by the Beast Mage, Garnonn. With him here now, these strangers would have a heck of a fight if they tried resisting.

Caoimhe stepped forward, running her hand over Grace's head before facing the intruders. In a commanding voice, she demanded of the strangers, "Who are you? And what business have you here?"

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