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Default [MOTM] June 2011 - Voting [Deadline: July 10]

I'll shut up now. xD

I have been given permission by Simmi to take care of the MOTM since he's been busy with his summer job. :) We wish you the best of luck with that!

So now I bring you ...

Member of the Month: June!
(You can view May's results here.)

Yes, I realize I just posted May's results yesterday, but hey, it's past due to start voting for June. :P

This month, I'll be giving the categories a bit of a makeover. I've added a few old favorites, along with several new categories and created new sections. I have 3m0d0ll, Charbok, The Maple Syrup Baptist, and all those who made suggestions in May's MOTM to thank as they helped me come up with new categories and such. Thank you guys! :)
I've also rewritten the rules to where they're short, sweet, and to the point, and in a large enough font to where they're readable. Also, I'll be bumping up the number of people you can vote for in a category to four. Hopefully these changes might draw in some more voters. (Unless I can get someone to announce this for me? :3)

If I can tell that you haven't or just aren't being serious, I will omit your vote(s) for either your entire list or a category.
• Never vote for yourself. These votes will be omitted when tallying.
• Please vote for someone if they truly belong to a category. Don't vote for someone that isn't a moderator/staff member.
• You may vote for a maximum of four people per category.
• The maximum you can vote for the same person is six times. All others after the first six votes will be omitted.
• When voting for someone, please put their full username. I don't know everyone's nicknames/aliases. ;)
• If a category has directions, follow them please.
• Discussion belongs in the MOTM Discussion thread.
• Please allow a few days after voting has ended for the results. It's a tedious job to do, you know. :P
Voting will start NOW. The deadline for when the votes have to be in is JULY 10, so you have plenty of time before then. :) Good luck to all, and happy voting!

General Categories
Best Avatar:
Best Signature:
Best Debater:
Most Photogenic Male:
Most Photogenic Female:

Best ASB Participant:
Best URPG Participant:
Best POL Participant:
Best WFL Participant:
Best Ref/Official:

All About Pokemon
Best Tactician/Strategist:
Best Wi-Fi Battler:
Best Wi-Fi Trader:
True Pokιmon Fan:

The Arts
Best Spriter:
Best Graphics Artist:
Best Drawn Artist:
Best Author:
Best Roleplayer:

The Members
Best New Member:
Most Active Member:
Best Friend:
Wish You Were Here:
Funniest Member:
Weirdest Member:
Most Helpful:
Best Pair/Couple:

The High Stakes
Trend Setter:
Best Contribution to PE2K:
PE2K Idol:
Best Moderator:
Best PE2K Staff Member: (The orange names)

Just For Fun
Member I Would Like to Meet:
Member I Would Most Likely Run From:
Noob of the Month:
Most Excitable on Friday:
Youngest at Heart:

Member of the Month:


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