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Default Re: What Pokemon did you get from the Dream World today?

Originally Posted by Kamoosekazi View Post
Does it matter what kinda pokemon you take into the DW?
Is that how you can go to different places and such? or...

I always find the same things and it's kinda annoying :(
Nah, it doesn't matter what Pokemon you tuck in. To unlock more Pokemon and to go to different places, you have to collect dream points. At 2500 Dream Points you can go to the Windswept Sky and at 5000 you can go to the Sparkling Sea. You get dream points by playing the mini games, watering people's gardens, swapping berries, accepting friend requests, picking berries etc. You can check how many you have by visiting your profile and going to the Dream World tab.

If you wanna get Dream Points fast, go to the Island of Dreams and play as many mini-games as possible. Once you get to the Tree of Dreams you can click "return to home" in the top left corner and then play through the whole area again You can keep doing it until your hour runs out. (Don't forget to leave enough time to select the Pokemon you want to take with you when you're done though!) By doing that and watering other people's berries I can get about 500 Dream Points a day.