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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

I hope this is okay. I'd like to start as soon as possible.

Name: Renita Myrian
Age: Looks to be in early 20s
Gender: Female
Team: The Cullen
Class: Mage? Human?
Description: Kinda like this but with some modifications, as outlined below.

Renita has long brown hair that stretches down to her waist in the back. Her eyes are green and she has an almost pale complexion. She wears a short sleeved blue and gray mini-jacket over a short, black blouse that exposes her belly.

Her black underwear comes up a little too high out of her short brown shorts, and she wears a black belt to keep the shorts up. Thigh high black stockings and shoes in two shades of gray complete the look. The shoes have decorative glass as part of the design.
Personality: Renita is generally easygoing and not quick to anger. She cares for others and will not hesitate to help those in need, unless it would get her into trouble or the person doesn't deserve it. She can't stand to see a Pokemon abused or tortured.
History: Back in the days of the World War, Renita joined the hero's army to help fight against the redeemers. They didn't let her fight, but joining as a nurse was good enough. Hey, at least it was a way to contribute to the cause. Unfortunately she was badly hurt by the armies that poured all over the world in the Wave, and was thought to have perished in all the fighting that ensued.

Many, many, many years later Renita suddenly awoke in what seemed to be a completely destroyed laboratory in the Zarun Mountains near present day Venefinia. The room she had awoken in was locked from the inside and there was a skeleton by the wall near the "bed" she had awoken on. Unlocking the door, she exited into a place that was completely destroyed. Whatever went on there, nothing looked recognizable and it was all trashed like something exploded and killed whoever worked in the place. Pieces of their skeletons could still be seen all around. Along with this, there were weapons she didn't recognise in the hands of some of the skeletons. How much time had passed? Where was this? The last thing she remembered was being stabbed through by one of the traitors who were assaulting Parisanti, and was bleeding to death, but the wound was nowhere to be found and she felt fine. Light headed and feeling more light headed by the second, but otherwise fine.

Renita exited the lab to find herself on a high hill overlooking a town. It was the middle of the night. At this point she was feeling increasingly tired. She staggered into town and was stopped by strange guards. She passed out in their arms. The last thing Renita heard was them talking about being unable to read her mind, but sensing strange magic emanating from the her. When next she awoke Renita was in what looked like a hospital bed with a nurse nearby napping lightly. The nurse stirred as she heard the rustling of bed covers.

The hospital people explained to her that they had to force feed her, and other than being hungry there was nothing wrong with her that they could figure out. The way she absorbed the food in a flash of white light instead of swallowing it originally freaked out these doctors, but since they had sensed magic from her they figured it was something that was related.

The guards had apparently brought Renita to the hospital in a wheelbarrow because they couldn't carry her. Only the mages in the hospital could feel any life in her, and besides that nobody had any idea how she was alive, if she was alive at all. She felt alive though, and that was good enough that they discharged her from the hospital the next morning. They called her bizarre and just wanted her to free up the bed for the next patient.

Before she left though, seeing a patient being brought in on a stretcher made her instinctively run to his side. He had been slashed by a wild Scyther and had a deep wound down the middle. Renita yelled for stitches and bandages to be brought, but the doctor explained they had another way to help him. Placing his blue-glowing hands on the man's stomach, he was able to lessen the wound but couldn't fully heal it. He was spent for the time being, and asked for her help. When told she didn't know what he was talking about, he said "Just trust me and do it. I sense an immense source of Life from you." Doing as instructed, her own hands started to glow white. The man was fully healed in a couple of minutes and Renita felt like she was about to pass out again. Right then and there she decided to get a job at the hospital healing the sick and injured. With a gift like that, they couldn't turn her down.

Learning about the city and all it's abundant magic was an amazing experience, but the fact that the Mind Police couldn't read her mind was a huge problem. Nobody could figure out why, and the only one who could get the police to leave her alone was Tomo, who was able to assure them that her aura was not an evil one.

Renita once saved his life when he was brought into the hospital on a stretcher and nobody in the city had the means to cure him, including the healers who specialized in Pokemon. He was comatose and suffering from many broken bones and internal bleeding after his human companion's laboratory exploded. The man was instantly killed by all the volatile liquid Ichor he was experimenting on, but the explosion threw Tomo out of a window and face first into an old and cracked stone pillar, which finally broke and fell on him. There wasn't anything any of the other healers could do, and he was given a couple of hours to live at best. Renita was his only hope. She asked for the pillar from which he was pulled out from under to be brought outside the hospital doors. It would be his salvation.

The next day Tomo was still in bed, but he hadn't died. Overnight she had absorbed the entire pillar, then used it's energy to repair his bones and heal his insides. They had drained his bleeding, and he was pronounced stable but was still in a coma. It took a couple of days of light healing before he finally regained consciousness. It took a bit of time for everything to sink in. After explaining what had happened to him and how she had saved him, it was obvious what he wanted. His human friend was dead, their house was completely destroyed, and she had saved his life. Since then, they were inseparable friends.

But all things must end. A group called The Cullen eventually caught wind of her gifts and after turning them down many times, she finally gave in and accepted to be inducted. Renita knew one day she would have to put the job aside and find out what had become of the rest of the world. Perhaps soon she would find the answer to the question that had been plaguing her all these years since waking up: Why am I here?
Pokémon: Tomo the Lucario (Male). He knows a bit more about Renita than he lets on, and sees an aura around her that is unlike other people. He has been teaching her to gaze at a person's aura and see their intentions, but she's only a novice at the technique.
Other: Upon being seemingly reborn, Renita gained the special ability to choose to change matter she touches or consumes into pure magical Life energy, which she can store in her body or shoot from her fingers as beams. Not very strong ones, but enough to knock a grown man back a few feet when hit by it. This also allows her to heal or lessen the wounds of others by transfering some of her stored energy to them. If used sparingly, eating a typical sandwich will give her enough stored energy for a couple of days, which means she doesn't need to eat like a normal person. Larger objects give her larger amounts of energy, but leave her prone to “overloading” and being unable to store all of it, then having to shoot it off into the sky or find another way to expend it until it gets back down to a manageable level again. She's generally unable to change the energy back into usable matter, or the same matter that was originally absorbed. But she's been practicing with making rocks and clothes, and with time may even be able to create things that are actually useful besides tiny pebbles and useless scraps which can't be sewn together.
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