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Default [WAR X] Sister.


People say that when you die, your life flashes before your very eyes. I didn’t want to let go of my final sights; I wasn’t ready to let my eyes go even though the rest of my body had. I wasn’t strong enough to shift my eyes from my sister to my mother, so I settled on dying with my sister in my sight. I thoughtlessly gazed at my sister’s pretty adolescent face. I observed her wavy, light brown hair and the way that it perfectly ended at her breasts. I looked at her deep forest green eyes that I yearned to have in my childhood. I attempted to smile in rememberance but my body failed to comply. People always said I was the better looking sister but I’d always thought that she was beautiful.

My thoughts were slowing now but instead of the memories flashing in front of me I felt nothing. My mind was numbing into nothing but I wouldn’t dare let go. Not after everything I was living for. A part of me wanted to believe that I was going to live but the rest of me had given up. All of my dreams and goals were fading into nothing as fast as I was. Tears formed under my beautiful last sight’s eyes. I wanted to yell at her for crying, for I knew that the last thing I would see was my sister in pain but I was physically incapable and was soon to be mentally incapable. The pale white room around me was fading but I held on to every last sight. My sister’s beautiful but sorrow filled face drifted from me and so did my conciousness.

It's really short, I know. D: I couldn't really think of much. Death is an important part of rebirth so I thought I should write about that. That’s all. C:

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