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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

OOC: Hello, I would like to join your rpg, it sounds like a lot of fun, and is it in third peson or first?




Region: Hoenn

Starter Pokemon:Treek


Apperance Jason has medium length light brown hair. He wears black pants and a black shirt outlined with emeraled green. He wears gloves that are vut off at the knuckles. He wears army boots and a hat some times. He is about 5'11.

Personality: Jason is a calm, cool, collective kind of guy. He doesn't let alot of stuff bother him and he tries to stay out of other people stuff. He loves training and battling pokemon.

History:Jason walked outside and saw some movment in the bushes. He walked over there and there was a treecko trying to get up , but it was to weak. Treecko saw Jason and tried to attack, but it just fell to the ground. Jason ripped part of his shirt and splinted the Treecko's leg. Right then Jason knew that this pokemon was his first.He named it Blade, and one day he tried to put Blade in the pokeball, but he didn't like it so Jason decided not to put Blade in it.

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