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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
En Route to Saffron
Affected RPers: N/A

Vyraz dreamed. His dreams were foggy, for his eyes would almost never leave the half-closed position. But this dream made him try to open them fully-and he did.

It was somewhere snowy-It was always somewhere snowy. It had a lot of aurora's, too. He only heard of aurora's from his father, who described them as dancing lights near the ends of this world. He ran, and ran, and ran...It was absolutely inhuman, how fast he ran, but it was a dream, so what did it matter?

He kept on running, until he found a door, large and jettisoning out of a cliff formed by ice. This door was large, stone, and inscribed was an insignia of a four-legged Pokemon, with a cloud on it’s back and two streamer tails, running on an aurora…

The door made creaky, ominous signs of opening, and soon it started to truly swing open, to show the interior, which was rather dark, save for torches. Inside was a temple of sorts, made of stone.

He walked in, and the door closed behind him, but that didn't concern him. It was a dream, he could make some massive cannon pop out of the ground and blow it to smithereens. But that door simply didn't concern him at the time.

What concerned him was up ahead, though he could not grasp it yet. It was like that in dreams-One wants something, but doesn't know what it is or why he wants it. However, he kept on walking.

...Vyraz noted the change in the color of the flames. Originally red-orange, now they were more of a light blue. He also noted that the stones seemed to now be embedded with crystals of a light blue color as well...He kept on the trail, however, not remembering the twists and turns he took to get on this part of this place...

Vyraz stopped. In front of him was probably the heart of this complex, for the whole of this room was built entirely out of the light-blue crystal from before. The torches were absent in this room, but there wasn't a need-these crystals made their own light, a soft glow. An aurora was also present in this room, as well as many small waterfalls, obviously built in.

However, the most distinct feature of this place was the amount of statues. These statues were of some kind of wolf-like Pokemon; A Pokemon with a cloud on it's back, and two streamer-like tails flowing in front of it...A Pokemon whose name he had never heard of before, but was just on the tip of his tongue...What was it?

No. He was denied the knowledge. He was sent back. Back to reality. By someone shaking him in his hammock.

"Sir! Captain, we're approaching the docks!" A voice yelled-the voice of the first mate. Vyraz awoke from his slumber, finding himself in his quarters. "We've got a green flag." He added. Vyraz smiled-many boats came, holding tourists that wanted to see the ruins, and even at night, docking was hard, due to the amount of boats that generally clogged the dock.

Vyraz went outside, to see the dock for himself. The night was bright, illuminated by the full moon and the vast amount of stars. The shine illuminated the Bellowing Eons, just getting ready to dock. Several other ships were located in nearby docking sites-There were only two open spots, neighboring each other, and they were taking one of them. However, before the boat went too far into the docking site...

"Sir! I saw something move in the water, at portside! Something big!" One of the crew yelled. Vyraz whipped his head around. He had heard rumors about Gyrados-titans of Pokemon that lived under the water, short-tempered sea serpents, able to turn anything in it's path to a burning husk. Surely he didn't see one...

The head of a sea serpent popped out of the water, but Vyraz breathed a sigh of relief. The Pokemon that stared at the ship was a friendly one, a Milotic. The essence of beauty piped up a few notes that sounded quite lovely, then dipped it's head back under the waves.

"Well, that was refreshing!" Vyraz stated. Milotic, beautiful snakes that were only seen around Saffron, who were gentle and had oftentimes returned stranded soles out on sea to shore, weren't uncommonly seen around these waters either. "Now then, prepare to get hiking for a few minutes, we can rest once we get to Saffron. Thieves ambush the unwary traveler." Vyraz added.

The Bellowing Eons started to stop, lowering the sails. The lack of wind to push the ship slowed it down. Then, the anchor was lowered, making a splash when it hit the water, and completely stopping the little movement the boat had dared make. The crew left the dock, shaking off the feeling of being on the ship for that long of a time.

Vyraz was quite curious as to what he saw in that dream...It probably wasn't of importance. For all he knew, the very Pokemon he saw wasn't real at all.
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