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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Vyraz's house in Itum, En-Route to Saffron.
Affected RPers: N/A

The Daylight shone down upon the streets of Itum, and the usual hustle and bustle of the city was apparent. Vyraz had great fortune in his ability to have built a house a good way away from that busy hive of workers, ready to toil in the service of their king, money. It was like how Combee always worked so diligently to create honey.

Vyraz glanced at the Circle Knights outside the window, patrolling the streets, as per their routine. The whole lot seemed rather smug-their pay came from simply walking the streets in a routine, and catching any Mages that came about. However, Magic simply did not exist in Itum, the strength and fear of the Knights was so powerful, so they meerly walked in their predetermined patterns and earned a pay that trumped most of the other blue-collar jobs around.

Half of the world thought that the Circle Knights were their guardians, their champions; the people that saved them from mages and their inhumane powers and outbursts. That half of the world were the foolish and the unwitting. The Circle Knights were those that would find no pity upon looking at the innocent, and find no sorrow in slaying them-Mage or otherwise. Vyraz had immortal proof in the form of the forced slaughter of a whole family, and the many counts of their demonic habit of burning whole settlements in their blind pursuit of magic-and it's destruction.

In all truth, Vyraz had not even the slightest taste for mages either, but the Circle Knights were the beings that Vyraz loathed beyond all others. Had he known that this city was the site of their headquarters, he'd have moved to anywhere else but here. Any corner of the world, any single point but Itum.

But now, he'd have to live here, and do it for a long while. The Cullen's exploits would have him go many places in Aria, and possibly beyond, but for now, his only choice for a permanent home would have to be the one he was in right now.

However, it wasn't all that bad. Vyraz lived on the zenith of the highest hill in the city, allowing him to move up to the second floor balcony and gaze upon all of Itum. The lanterns, glowing in the darkness, it looked like the stars above at night, and substituted well for him in case of clouds. He also had the Bellowing Eons docked right next to the house, ready to travel at a moment's notice.

Vyraz heard the noise of a bell ringing downstairs. Ugh, the Circle Knights again, probably. He could tell them an infinite amount of times that he was not intent on joining them again at all, and he could tell them that none of his crew is an illegal mage at all, but they still kept investigating and they still kept questioning. It was a nuinsense.

The constant 'ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong' was starting to become quite the irritation as well, so Vyraz picked up his pace. The quicker this went, the quicker it would be over.

Vyraz opened the front door, and to his surprise (and relief), he found that the Circle Knights were no longer on his street, and instead came a messenger. He had one hand on the rope that rang the bell, and he looked like he had ran a marathon.

"Ah, good day. I presume this matter is of importance?" Vyraz asked.

"...Yes, sir." The messenger said, his voice carrying abundant exhaustion from what was apparently the run to his house from...wherever it may have been.

"...Where did you come from?" He asked, noting that he was sweating profoundly.

"I come...From Fort Iron...Tower of Freedom..." The messenger said feebly. "...I am...From the Cullen...I need to...Tell you this...As soon as...Possible...One of...The Gamma's asked...That I run over...To tell you."

Now Vyraz thought it of a miracle that this man didn't faint on the spot. To run from Fort Iron all the way to here was a marathon, and to have ran it all the way from there without fainting was quite a feat.

"Oh, oh, come inside, at once!" Vyraz said, helping the poor messenger, who didn't think of using a boat to traverse the river to his house. "You must be on the verge of fainting, if you truly ran from Fort Iron all the way from here. Tell me, why didn't you use a boat?" Vyraz asked, once the man got down on the table in the kitchen.

"...I could have...taken a boat?" The messenger asked.

"I presume that it would have taken about a day to get here on your average vessel...When did you set out?" Vyraz asked.

The messenger fainted in response. Vyraz concluded that it took more than a day. How did he manage?

Once the Messenger regained consciousness, which took a few hours, Vyraz approached him about the message directly.

"Alright, now, about the message you ran over here to tell me about?" Vyraz asked politely.

"...The Gamma has often voiced a desire to explore Saffron's ruins properly. However, he himself is currently busy with assisting the Circle Knights in catching a mage that has gone rampant, who is expected to come through Fort Iron at any moment. Henceforth, he has asked you to set out as soon as possible, and to properly set about to find the secrets that the place may hold..." The messenger said, in a fast manner. "You are allowed to take whatever you desire from the place, but the Beta wishes to know whether or not Saffron's ruins hold any true potential prospect for the Cullen." The Messenger quickly added.

Vyraz liked every last bit of this news. Saffron was a place that intrigued him quite a bit. It's ancient ruins fascinated him, and it was a long-held desire to explore them. To add onto this, he may just very well become famous for being one of the first to ever adventure into the abyss, and to witness firsthand the treasures of before the Lifemaker.

"I shall set off at once! Oh, yes, there is a ferry from Itum to the Tower of Freedom, and it is very cheap, so I advise you take that back. the Tower should be a few minutes off from where the ferry ends. The boat is near the heart of Itum." Vyraz said, making sure to tell the Messenger the details. The messenger walked away, towards the heart of Itum.

Meanwhile, Vyraz walked outside of his house, and onto the peir where the Bellowing Eons sat, undisturbed, ready to move out. A portion of the original crew still slumbered in the ship, still willing to Help Vyraz and still ready to get the Ship going. These people, mostly lowlanders from Mancia, were also part of the Cullen.

"Men!" Vyraz yelled to the slumbering crew. The woke up with a start, some reappearing upon the decks from the hammocks they were sound asleep on. "I'm sorry to disturb your dreams, but we have been given a mission! This mission is to explore the depths of Saffron's eldest ruins, seek out it's treasures, and tell the Gamma stationed at Fort Iron whether or not it would be worth it to mount a full expedition of the city beneath the city!" Vyraz called.

"Do we need more stock? Does the Larder need replenishing?" Vyraz asked one of the crew members-the Chef.

"No sir! We are fully stocked." The Chef called back.

"Do we have ample medicines? Are the herbs enough?" Vyraz asked another crew member-the medic.

"Yes sir! Our remedies are in great quality." The Medic called back.

"When can we make it to Saffron? will it be a long voyage that lasts for days?" Vyraz asked the navigator.

"No sir! I believe we could make it to Saffron by the dawn of the next day." The Navigator responded.

"Get the ship ready for sailing, as soon as possible!" Vyraz called. He got on the ship itself at last, while watching the crew quickly assemble the ship's ropes and sails, and get it ready to go. The sunset made them only hasten-They were paid for each voyage, and unlike their former employer, Vyraz paid quite good.

"Ready when you are, sir!" The first mate said, after it looked like everything was done.

"Raise anchor and set out!" Vyraz commanded.

The Bellowing Eon's anchor was raised, slowly and steadily, and the vessel began it's trip to Saffron. Vyraz felt the wind in his hair, pushing the sails forward, and felt that it may be sooner than the Navigator said it would be.
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