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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
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It had been a long night. But it had also been a good night, and they would regain their energy once they arrived at the forest. As he left his home, he replayed last night's events in his mind...

Yesterday, the guards at the entrance to Venefinia had looked at Belcarth and Jayde with much suspicion as they walked past with an unconscious Growlithe, but they hadn't stopped him. After entering the city, they took the direct route towards their home, which was close to the blacksmith. His late master must have been very paranoid, because he had built a wall around the smithy and his house, with only one gate, although there were of course more than one way through it, he had after all been a member of the Cullen.

Once inside the gate, he made sure it was properly locked, and then he asked Jayde to carry the Growlithe to the garden. He would have preferred to do this in the forest, but the sun had already begun to set when they reached the city, and as such, there was no other choice. As the Lucario put the unconscious canine at the center of the garden, near a single oak tree, Belcarth unstrapped his sword, took of his coat, and emptied various pockets and hidden folds of all his various equipment, then he sat down between the oak and the canine. With Jayde standing guard to protect him should he need it, Belcarth began to concentrate on his abilities within aura manipulation. While he was not able to get the most detailed descriptions this way, he could generally tell how extensive the internal damage of the target were. To his relief, nothing seemed to be severely damaged, although there were a few minor fractures. He opened his eyes and relaxed, the easy part was done.

Next, he extended his mind not only to the canine, but also to the oak. He then placed his left palm on the roots of the tree, and the right palm on the Growlithe's chest. As he slowly started to absorb the aura of the tree that towered above him, he let some of his own aura flow into the canine. As he focused on the fractures, he 'encouraged' them to fall back into place, and slowly regrow. He felt the fatigue coming, and increased the rate at which he absorbed the tree's energy. After the fractured bones had done as 'encouraged' to do, Belcarth severed the link between himself and the canine, and shortly after also the tree. While 'encouraged' sounds nice, the truth is that the only thing that moved the broken bones, and that began their healing, was his sheer willpower, and the energy through which he channeled it. Normally, he wold have done this in a forest, with plenty of trees to borrow energy from. This time he only had one, and the procedure had not been kind on it. It may not have looked damaged to the naked eye, but a lot of it's energy had been absorbed. After relaxing briefly, the voices began.

As always, the voices weren't words, not in any language that he could speak at least, but the meaning was clear. They told him to take just a little more energy from the tree, he needed to regain his power, and surely a little more couldn't hurt the tree. He was almost about to open up his mind again, but suddenly he understood what voices he heard, and he shook his head in disgust. Even this brief contact with the voices, required a good 20 minutes before they faded away enough to remove their influence over his mind.

After gathering his thoughts, his own thoughts, he told Jayde to finish the healing, as he walked over to the tree, making sure he had not already taken too much energy from it. Thankfully it was only weakened but did not seem to be permanently damaged. Taking another beings life, be it human, pokemon or plant, didn't hurt as much when done with a knife or a sword, but feeling it fade away after having absorbed it's last amount of aura, that was an experience Belcarth wished he had never had. While connected, the minds are as one, and feeling part of ones mind vanishing in an instant is terrifying to say the least.

To prevent himself from further delving into the subject, and in doing so fueling the voices, he looked back towards the Growlithe. Jayde was done, although she too was weak. Most of the larger bruises or cuts had been healed, but a lot of small scale damage was still present. As Belcarth was examining the remaining injuries, the patient was slowly beginning to wake up.

Disoriented at first, the Growlithe looked first at Jayde, then at Belcarth. When it finally realized that there were another human, also a man, present, he tried to get up, and get away. Jayde stopped him however, and tried to calm their patient. While she did, Belcarth decided to take a few steps back, to prevent Growlithe from feeling cornered.

After perhaps half an hour, Belcarth had already walked back to his house, starting to pack for the trip to Parasanti, and Jayde had remained with the Growlithe, first calming him down, then making sure he was able to stand, walk and so on. Then both pokemon entered the house. Jayde first, and then Growlithe, nervous, behind her. Belcarth noticed both of them, but acted as though he hadn't, and continued packing. It wasn't much to pack though, mainly food and medical equipment. Other than that, Belcarth had a bag that was always packed and ready, a habit from less safe moments in the past.

After he was done packing, he had gone to bed, realizing that it was long past midnight, and they were set to get up at first light the following day...

And so they did. Belcarth had woken up, like always, when the sun rose to the east. This morning was unusual however, not only had he been exhausted from last night's adventure, he found that he had an orange ball of fur with black stripes sleeping at the side of his bed. While Growlithe woke up with a slight flinch, it calmed down when it realized where it were, or perhaps where it weren't. Belcarth slowly patted it on the head, without it shivering in fear, and walked to the kitchen, with the canine following behind him. Jayde were already in the kitchen, and judging by the look on her face, she wasn't nearly as surprised as her companion had been. Belcarth assumed that she must have explained the situation last night.

After breakfast they prepared to leave, and as soon as the Cullen member who was supposed to look after the smithy and the house had arrived, they had departed.

Belcarth's thoughts returned to the present, where he and the two pokemon were almost at the gate out of the city. Deliberately, Belcarth choose the same one as they had entered last night, and since it was too early in the morning for the day shift to be in place, it was the same two guards that had seen them entering the city yesterday. They didn't say anything, and neither did Belcarth, but the shameful look on their faces clearly told that they had thought him responsible for the canine's condition last time they met.

Shortly after leaving Venefinia, with their eyes set on the horizon to the north, and the sun still rising to the east, they picked up the pace and began their journey. They didn't travel at the usual speed though, as Growlithe was still not fully recovered, and both Belcarth and Jayde felt the aftermath of last nights healing.
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