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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha Maraniza
Pokémon Elemental
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: White Wolf of Snow

The Hydregion wasn’t happy about the random Simipour saving everyone’s lives, and it had shot a Fire Blaze at the monkey Pokémon. It was quite a stupid thing to do, with the monkey being a water type. It was burned, yet it easily blew it out and climbed away.

The bushes rustled quickly, but the humans didn’t come out. Rather, a Ferrothorn came out. It glared at me and the sun started to shine brightly. The clouds had blown away quickly, and I could see that if we wanted the humans to show themselves, we would need to fight them. Then again, they seemed to be from The Cullen instead of Pokémon Elemental, which was fine. I would have thought that VILE would have attacked, but whatever.

I sat down at the foot of the tree behind me. Luckily, there was a pair of roots that came out of the ground away from each other and soon came closer. It was like a chair to me, or at least somewhere I was willing to sit.

Shadowfang, however, had a different idea. He began to squint, hopefully confusing one of its opponents.
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