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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
No, because while you are starting to cuss and lose your cool, I am sitting here yawning and sipping on a coffee.
Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
A) Incessant cursing is against forum policy.

B) How mature of you.
Please refer to every single post you ever wrote in the forum change threads before you call someone out on their behavior. ;)
It doesn't matter if you've apologized for it or not. You're being a hypocrite.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
And considering I know 4 languages, I think I do a really good job writing and speaking English (like, an amazing job).

Now, speaking of getting off track, 3m0d0ll. Getting back on track, now that would be a good idea.
LOL'D at how YOU suddenly say COMPLETELY out of nowhere something stupid about knowing languages and then you're saying to get back on track. Plus you were the one that started the Watergate discussion. Troll harder.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
We were not told how exactly it would change, and that is quite annoying. If anything big happens again, I think we'd all like to know beforehand.
lol'd about how you're still sticking to the whole "THEY DIDN'T SHOW US ANYTHING" story.

p.s. we already had a couple of mods come in here and tell you all what practically goes on in the mod boards. :/ So much fail.

I wouldn't worry about making the mods bring anything outside of the staff boards. I mean if it was as large-scale as a forum change, yes, that's reasonable, but I doubt we're going to have something as large as that happening again for a long time. I think from here on out it's just going to be minor changes on the boards.
What I think you're trying to say is that you want almost every little proposition to change the forum in minor ways to be posted on the Front Desk. I think that's stupid. That's what the staff boards are partially there for, to discuss things like that and determine whether the idea should be shot down or brought up to the members, and usually by then it's finalized. No one wants to go through a million pms discussing the same thing. Unlike us, they're smart enough to know what the forum needs, how it works, and have the leadership skills to pull it off. That's why THEY have moderatorship and everyone else doesn't. Now if you want a more APPROPRIATE example to use for this instead of the Watergate incident, let's use the passing of a bill, but very loosely.


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