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Default Re: OPEN: Dino x Fushigidane


Where no life ventured for its living, three humans stood. Above them towered a volcano, which made the ground shake and rumble as though it was about to spew smoke and fire into the sky.

One of the three humans - a girl with longish brown hair and a clipboard in her hand - stared nervously at the volcano. The other two people were occupied with glaring at each other impressively.

"Send your Pokemon already, Dino!" the referee hissed. "The longer we wait the more chance we take of being blown to smithereens!"

The two Trainers looked at the referee in surprise, but the one on the right complied: he tossed a Pokeball out onto the hard dirt of the ground. The light that the Pokeball released stood in high contrast to the dark clouds of ash above that blotted out the sun; however, the red of the unleashed Pokemon blended perfectly. A long snout, black stripes, beady eyes, a mask, and razor claws: the Krookodile was right at home here. His lengthy lips curled into a grin.

The other Trainer made his choice quickly and with a smile. A large, dark blue, turtle-like biped appeared, its bill smiling beneath its stone-like mask of greenish-black. The Carracosta grinned as she saw her opponent. She could bring her water against him, and her hard armor on her back and chest would make her nearly impervious. This would be easy. And the Krookodile was thinking the same thing.


[Turf] Krookodile (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Planning his victory party.
Toxic ~ Dig


[Turtle] Carracosta* (F)
Ability: Solid Rock
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: This is going to be too easy.
Shell Smash ~ Shell Smash/Hydro Pump

Round One

Turf's crocodilian grin kept on grinning as he leered at Turtle. For a few seconds, Turtle pretended not to care, but it certainly began to bother her as Turf's relentless black eyes kept locking onto hers. Turtle suppressed a shudder as she saw how sharp his teeth were, and a flicker of doubt over whether she should attack Turf - and thereby anger him - weaken her.
[Intimidate Ability: Turtle, -1 ATK]

Once Turf had asserted his epic boss-ness, he got down to business. He began to draw a toxin out for pragmatic uses, his guts churning as every bit of vile stuff in his body was slovenly sloshed together within his stomach. It was a shudder-inducing sensation, but Turf endured as the noxious mixture began to worm upward through his insides, making his throat spasm and jerk. Finally he felt a watery sludge fill his mouth. As soon as the burning gunk touched his tongue, he threw his head forward and sent a wad of purple sludge - hissing and steaming with corrosive nastiness - flying at Turtle. The Carracosta grunted in surprise and tried to protect her face with her flippers, but the poison was absorbed there as well as anywhere. The toxins burned into Turtle's veins, and she winced regretfully before wiping the gloop off of her flipper. It burned itself a cubby-hole in the rock-solid ground, disappearing with speed into the gap.
[Toxic: Turf, -6% Energy; Turtle, TOX]

Turtle grimaced at Turf before making her next move. Sheclosed her eyes and summoned up a strong spurt of violent and wild energy. For a few seconds, it coursed around in her and threatened to master her rather than vice versa, but she managed to tame it and send it into her shell. Several cracks began to appear on both her back and chest, radiating with a red light. A few layers of shell cracked so hard that they turned to flakes and fell off into the dirt. Once the light faded and the cracks receded, Turtle had a significantly smaller shell. However, she felt much freer than she had before. Her body felt lighter and more energized, however vulnerable she had made herself.
[Shell Smash: Turtle, -9% Energy]

Turtle looked at the motionless Turf with a frown. Her foe seemed to be making no move to attack nor to anticipate such an attack. Turtle didn't like it, but she had to do something. She decided to launch her attack.

Water began to well up in her body, filling her stomach and mouth with the stuff. Turf watched carefully as Turtle's cheeks bulged. What she was doing was difficult: her internal muscles were trying to push the water up, however, she was keeping it restrained. The longer it was restrained, the more powerful it was but the harder it was to control. Turtle forced herself to keep her beak clamped shut, even as the water became painful.

One hint of 'Imma linin up dis shot' was Turf's cue. Without warning, he dropped to all fours, his huge claws scrabbling at the dirt. He shoveled all of the earth he could up, creating a dust cloud that obscured him from Turtle's view. When the cloud cleared, a hole was all that remained to be seen. Turtle let out a bellow of outrage as the Hydro Pump broke loose into open air.
[Hydro Pump: Turtle, -11% Energy]

Almost no sooner than this did Turtle feel a rumble in the ground. She was about to move out of the way, but Turf was already upon her, bursting out of the ground in a halo of dust. His claws scored across her now-vulnerable body, and Turtle stepped backward with a yelp and a wince.
[Dig: Turf, -5% Energy; Turtle, -10% HP]


[Turf] Krookodile (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 100%
Energy: 89%
Status: Laughing at his lumbering foe.


[Turtle] Carracosta* (F)
Ability: Solid Rock
Health: 88%
Energy: 80%
Status: In anger mode. [+1 ATK, +2 SATK, +2 SPD, -1 DEF, -1 SDEF; TOX]

Ref Notes
Toxic's Accuracy Roll was 7, with 1-90 hitting.
I made the executive decision not to roll for Hydro Pump since Dig makes it miss anyway.
Dig's Crit Roll was 89, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Solid Rock brings Dig damage down from 13 to 10.
Toxic will deal 4 damage next round.
Does anyone know where I can get pre-animated shiny BW sprites?

Dino, your moves please.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D