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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009, Moonkit
Kozanar watched as Ryugaun's flames were stopped by a Simipour. Frustrated, the head nearest to the tree containing the water monkey blasted a Fire Blast at it. The bipedal Pokemon narrowly dodged, but the flame clipped its shoulder and left it with a horrid Burn. It put the fire out, and then dashed off.

Ryugaun wasn't stupid. He didn't jump out onto the trail because he didn't know any better. He knew that Kozanar would be angry with him for it, but he could care less. He knew that these people were not of the Cullen, and thus, in his one-track, protect-at-all-costs mind, he was determined to not let them get anywhere near the twins. He was thinking about discharging a Thunder Wave, but he heard the bushes where he had emerge rustle and froze, his main head looking back, guarded by his other two, which snapped idly at the air.

As the woman called out to their Hydreigon, saying something about its owner, they looked at each other. They both knew that they had heard correctly. There was no point in continuing to hide -- that much they knew. They began to rise, Kozanar cursing his dragon in his mind, but then Ikuja dropped in front of them with an expression of disgust on his face as he landed evenly on his arms. He shook his body no and moved out onto the path and forward, the dirt he stirred hiding him until he stopped beside the spot where his friend was hovering. Lifting his disks and spinning on his thicker, bottom thorn like a top, he rid his shiny metal coat of dust and then lifted himself above the ground once more. The air around them became hotter as he cast a Sunny Day, and any clouds cleared out immediately.

Ikuja stared down the woman, eyes narrowing. It seemed like a pointless move, emerging out instead of his owner and her brother, but to him, it was everything. He had a plan, and he was going to stick with it.
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