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Default [IA] Sucessfully Lost

Decided to make one of these. They sound like a lot of fun!
You can’t remember anything; anything about your life. You think you have amnesia, but you can never be sure. You shake your head trying to work out your jumbled thoughts. There is one thing – a single thing you do know about your life though; you’re some species of Pokemon. You jump from the table you were originally trapped on, and land on the ground with a soft ‘thud’.

You explore the room a bit, making sure to see if there are any items around. After having no luck, you hear soft talking coming from somewhere. You follow the sound, and it leads to a huge, bolted door. You stand on your hind legs. You can only just reach the bolt with your front paws, and there’s no way you can open it. You give up on the door after a few minutes of struggling, and wander once more around the room.

You manage to pull yourself up onto the table. A cage is on it, with the lock placed to the right of it. You assumed that whoever put you in this room was going to put you in the cage, but hadn’t yet already. You study the inside of the cage. All you can see is a small bowl filled with disgusting-looking water, and a few different plants. You prod one of the plants with your foot. It feels sharp, and seems to have spikes on it. But it seems to be the only food you have. You leave it there, but you need to remember to go back for the food later.

Thirsty, you lap up some of the water. It tastes foul, but it seems to be the only water supply here. You drink half of the bowl, grateful to have quenched your thirst.

There is still one problem – how do you get out? While you are thinking, you hear loud heavy footsteps coming towards the door. You hesitate, you don’t know what to do.
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