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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post

We were not told how exactly it would change, and that is quite annoying. If anything big happens again, I think we'd all like to know beforehand.

Originally Posted by HKim View Post

New Forum Structure:

==Intro Boards

+Pokemon News

+Forum Front Desk (Announcements, Questions, Answers, Suggestions)

+New Member Introductions

==Pokemon Main Boards

+Pokemon: General Board

+Pokemon: Black & White

+Pokemon: Games
++First & Second Generations
++Third Generation
++Fourth Generation
++Other Pokemon Games

+Pokemon: Interactive Center
++Battling Center (Clans and Tournaments)
++Trading Center
++Competitive Battling (Strategy and Learning)
++Wifi League


==Interactive Boards

++Roleplay Discussion
++Tabletop Adventures

+Creative Writing
++Author's Corner

+Art (Threads may be created/posted here)
++Sprite Art


+Creative Dex

==Other Boards

+Other Chat

==Pokemon RPG's

+Pokemon Ultra RPG
+Anime-Style Battling League
+Pokemon Online League

Note: Members will be allowed to create polls in all boards.

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