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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia – air mage
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A few people entering the city ducked instinctively as a large green shape swooped low overhead. The dragon’s diamond-shaped wings hummed slightly as she landed on the street beyond the group of visitors. The Flygon let out a small rumble and a whistle at the small woman on her back. Leaping off the Pokemon, her skirt swirled a bit revealing the slits up both sides. She wasn’t worried over this with the black leggings she wore under the short maroon dress. Leaving the long staff strapped to the harness her Pokemon wore she glanced around at the small crowds looking in artifact shops, pushing one of the fiery red pigtails back over her shoulder.

“Yeah, I think you’re right, Sonora. The town’s busier than usual.”

“Hey!” A tall man wearing fine-tailored clothing was walking up to her; most likely a young aristocrat from out of town. “Young lady, you should take better care of how low your Pokemon is flying.”

Portia bobbed a small curtsy. “Young lady is it? Why, thank you very much,” she said, acting as if it were the first time. “I appreciate the advice, but I can assure you that my Flygon is more than capable of avoiding collisions. And I apologize for startling you.” One of her sharp little canines showed as she smiled at his sudden change in expression.

He was a little taken aback, having been expecting a young girl. “Oh, well...yes. Thank you.” He walked back towards his wife and the couple with her, glancing back at the petite woman.

Turning towards the city, Portia laughed brightly. “I wonder if that will ever change.”

A rumble from Sonora turned into a soft gurgle in her throat. <Don’t expect it to last forever. One day you’ll be old and grey.> She thought for a moment before a smile spread over her features in a rare show of humor. <Of course, then you will probably be even smaller.>

“Heaven forbid!” Portia said laughing louder.

The pair walked further into the city. There were more crowds here in the middle of the day. Food stalls dotted the street, ready to satisfy the hunger of tourists. Portia would chuckle when people made way for the stern-faced Flygon. She did not really mind the crowds so much since she was small enough to avoid feeling cramped. She would duck back alongside Sonora when they caught sight of any Circle Knights. Though she doubted anyone would recognize her, she did not want to risk it. She was supposed to have died twenty-two years ago, but only a very few she trusted absolutely even knew her real last name. And, it was unlikely that anyone who knew her father would be able to connect her to the family. A high-officer of the Circle Knights knowing a mage in his family would not have allowed her to remain off Histre’s List.

They continued through the historic district which dominated most of the city; historic for the artifacts on display, not the district itself. The crowds began to thin as they neared the residential area on the other side. A small house was ahead of them, completely dwarfed by the massive barn structure behind it. The barn had been there before the city expanded around it and was simply never taken down. Portia and Sonora walked through the gate of the tall iron fence that made its way around the property before entering a tinker’s shop.

“Hello?” Portia called when no one greeted them at the open door.

A gruff voice called from the back. “I’ll be right with ye!”

Portia crossed her arms and called back mockingly. “Ye ole coot, what’re you leavin’ your door open for?”

A tough looking man in his sixties was suddenly checking round the corner. “Portia! Bout time you came back to see me.” He walked out wiping an old rag over his face. “An’ I ain’t leavin’ the door open for nuthin. It’s hot back ‘ere. ‘Sides, ole Gizmo is watchin’ the door.”

“Oh really?” the woman asked, looking at the Lairon asleep beside the door. “A right terror that one is.”

“C’mon, you know he don’t stir less someone’s causin’ trouble.” Still the older man was attempting to nudge the armored Pokemon with his foot.

Grinning, Portia nodded. “I know he doesn’t budge for anyone he knows.” She pulled the bag from her shoulder. “Anyway, Barris, I have that part you asked me to get from Itum. Fun trip that. No less than seven pickpocket attempts, two offers to sell ‘genuine’ pre-Black Wave artifacts at a great price, four volunteers to help find my parents, and one drunk left to cool off in a fountain after learning why you don’t get too close to a girl with a six and a half foot dragon.” She chuckled when Sonora snorted at that one.

“Jiminy, ye surely had yer hands full, eh? Welp, I appreciate ye fetchin’ it for me. Bring it on back.” He waved for her to follow before looking at the Lairon. “Gizmo!” The steel-type opened one eye. “How bout actually lookin’ like ye guard the place?” The one eye closed again. Barris’ shoulders slumped. “Gizmo, stay! ... Good boy.”

Chuckling, Portia followed the tinker out the back to the barn. He had cleaned and repaired the old building to be his workshop and built the small home in front. Even though he worked as a tinker, repairing things people were not able to themselves, he was an inventor and needed the space for his various creations. Going through the door, the bigger man almost tripped over Portia, who had stopped to stare at something covered by a huge cloth. The interior of the barn had been almost completely stripped except for important roof supports to make room for the massive structure.

“What in the world is that!?”

Barris smirked proudly. “That’s gonna make me famous. But later. I wanna show ye somethin’. Bring that part in ‘ere.”

Portia shook her head at the mystery and followed him into the small repair room. “You’re lucky that friend’s shop was on the other side of the city from the Red Circle. I don’t really enjoy dodging Knights.”

“Well, I’d be livin’ in Itum if it were easier. Too much crime and competition. I like it here. Just enough for me and it’s nice an’ quiet. Most of the fuss is o’er the artifacts.” He took the large gear she handed to him gratefully. It had been specially designed and he did not have a way to make it in his shop. “Ah. Orin did a good job. I’ll have t’ thank him.”

Portia jumped up to sit on a table. “So, what is it you wanted to show me?”
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